Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes

It was the latter that did for the Legatus. I soon polished off all the protein and vegetable accompaniment but those saute potatoes defeated me! Even with the help of my daughter (whose suggestion it was to try it) on the toast and potatoes there was still a lot left at the end. In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest! Friday, April 23, 2010. In the Irony Dept. This year, I decided to reexamine my potato-roasting method from the ground up with the idea of completely maximizing that crisp-to-creamy contrast in each chunk of potato, testing and retesting every variable, from cut size to potato type to boiling and roasting methods. The result is this recipe, which I firmly and un-humbly believe will deliver the greatest roast potatoes you've ever tasted. How to use artistic license. Add the mashed potatoes, corriander and mint leaves, red chilli powder, Knorr chicken stock powder and lime juice. Remove from heat. Spread a thick layer of potato mixture on each bread slice. Brush over with the beaten egg (seasoned with a little Chicken stock powder). Shallow fry in hot oil until lightly browned and cooked on both.

Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes Recipes

Akeno Misaki
Position: Captain/Class Representative
Hobbies/Special skills: Canoeing
Favorite food: Curry
Least favorite food: Raw oysters
Favorite subject: Japanese
Least favorite subject: Math
Favorite saying: 'We’ll figure it out!'
Personality: Easygoing and a girl of action, as well as a positive thinker. Lucky.
Mashiro Munetani
Position: Executive Officer/Deputy Class Representative
Daily routine: Checking her horoscope/swimming
Favorite food: Flounder sashimi (raw)
Least favorite food: Korean-style marinated ribs
Favorite subject: All
Least favorite subject: None
Favorite saying: 'All misfortune is but a stepping-stone to the future'
Personality: A straight arrow and a cool-headed top student. But quite unlucky.
Shima Tateishi
Position: Gunnery Officer/Artillery Committee
Hobbies/Daily routine: Watching sports, softball
Favorite food: Curry, sautéed chicken
Least favorite food: Rice & vegetable porridge, rice gruel
Favorite subject: Gym
Least favorite subject: Science
Favorite saying: 'Silence is golden'
Personality: Taciturn and quiet, she's not very good at communicating.

Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes &

Mei Irizaki
Position: Weapons Officer/Torpedo Committee
Hobbies/Daily routine: Shogi (Japanese chess), Torpedo games
Favorite food: Eel rice bowls
Least favorite food: Zaru soba (soba noodles with dipping sauce)
Favorite subject: Japanese history
Least favorite subject: Gym
Favorite saying: 'If the cuckoo won't sing, kill it'
Personality: Impatient.

Toast Of Wargaming Potatoes Recipe

Kouko Nosa
Position: Recorder/Secretary
Hobbies/Daily routine: Reading, watching movies
Favorite food: Tofu
Least favorite food: Hot pot
Favorite subject: World history
Least favorite subject: Art
Favorite saying: 'From the cradle to the grave'
Personality: Prone to over-the-top monologues.
Rin Shiretoko
Position: Chief Navigator/Navigation Committee
Hobbies/Special skills: Fast runner
Favorite food: Seafood pasta
Least favorite food: Sandwiches
Favorite subject: Biology, art
Least favorite subject: Social studies
Favorite saying: 'Act with the utmost caution'
Personality: Prone to excessive worrying.