Text Wrangler For Mac Osx 10.10

TextWrangler 5.5.2 Release Notes


For detailed information on using any of TextWrangler's features, please refer to the user manual (choose 'User Manual' from TextWrangler's Help menu). Requirements TextWrangler 5.5.2 requires Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later, up to macOS 10.12.6 'Sierra'. Download the latest version of Kompozer for Mac. A visual webpage editor based on NVU. Kompozer is a visual webpage editor based on NVU that uses Gecko, the. OS X 10.10.1 /etc/hosts & /private/etc/hosts file is being ignored and not resolving. Starting in 10.9. But I'll recommend the GUI editor TextWrangler. Bbedit download mac free - mekuroceqip954.cf OS X 10.10.1 /etc/hosts & /private/etc/hosts file is being.


TextWrangler 5.5.2 is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues.

Text Wrangler For Mac Osx 10.10 Catalina

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in TextWrangler 5, please see its release notes.

For information on changes made in previous versions, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of TextWrangler's features, please refer to the user manual (choose 'User Manual' from TextWrangler's Help menu).


TextWrangler 5.5.2 requires Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later, up to macOS 10.12.6 'Sierra'. TextWrangler is not however compatible with macOS 10.13 'High Sierra' or 10.4 'Mojave', and will not run under macOS 10.15 'Catalina'.


  • On the 'Text Display' submenu of the View menu, there are threenew commands: 'Zoom In', 'Zoom Out', and 'Actual Size'. Use theseto change the magnification of the text in editing views. Forconvenience you can assign keyboard equivalents to these commandsin the 'Menus & Shortcuts' preferences.


Text Wrangler For Mac Osx 10.10
  • The 'List Display Font' setting in the Appearance preferenceshas been replaced with a slider to set the font size. Lists inthe application all use the system font. Most will use thespecified size, except in specific cases where circumstancerequires the use of a fixed font size.

  • Added Command-K and Command-R as keyboard equivalents for 'CheckSyntax' and 'Run', respectively.

  • Differences that have been applied are now crossed out in theDifferences window list, in order to avoid janky font italicizingeffects on some OS versions.

  • When using 'Check Syntax' or 'Run' on an unsaved or untitleddocument, the application will now write out a temporary copy ofthe document. In the case of untitled documents, the temporarycopy will be in the system-designated temporary items location,which is arbitrary but generally not anywhere near $HOME.


  • Fixed a case in which changes made by a documentDidSaveattachment script would trigger a subsequent warning about thedocument having unsaved changes.

  • Fixed a pair of bugs that conspired to prevent scratchpaddocuments (the Scratchpad and Unix Worksheet) from correctlyremembering and restoring their state across open/close cycles.

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when changing alanguage-specific color scheme setting to 'Application Defaults'.

  • The 'BBEdit Light' and 'BBEdit Classic' color schemes no longerinclude explicit highlight colors, thus allowing the systemhighlight color selection to apply.

  • Fixed bug in which the color used for highlighting selecteditems in lists wouldn't always track changes to the highlightcolor setting in the General system preferences.

  • Fixed a crash which would occur on OS X 10.12 when opening thePreferences window more than once during a run of theapplication. (This addresses Radar 27293621.)

  • Fixed bug in which using up-arrow and down-arrow while in theOpen File by Name window's search box would change the selectionin the results list, without bringing it into view.

  • Worked around OS behavior on 10.11 in which the search box inthe Open File by Name window would lose keyboard focus and notget it back when it should have.

  • Fixed bug in which changing the 'Document navigation' setting inthe Appearance preferences didn't take effect until you created anew window or restarted the application.

  • Fixed bug in which the file info panel for remote documents(opened via built-in FTP/SFTP or a third-party file transferclient) would show file information for the backing cache file,rather than hiding the Info and Permissions tabs as was intended.

  • The 'Copy Path' commands on the Edit menu now behave reasonablyfor documents opened from remote sources via the built-inFTP/SFTP support as well as by external file-transfer clients.

  • Fixed a bug in which a -37 error would be reported when tryingto save a new document with a name containing certain characters.

  • Fixed bug in which keywords matched by the 'Keyword Pattern' ina codeless language module were colored as comments rather thanas keywords.

  • Fixed bug in which 'Open Counterpart' and the Counterparts menudidn't find eligible files in the absence of data from the OpenFile by Name cache.

  • Fixed bug in which filenames whose extensions ended with adecimal digit would not match a custom language mapping for thatextension.

  • Made a change to resolve an SSL connection failure whenattempting 'Check for Updates' on macOS Sierra.

  • Fixed a layout goof in the Keyboard preferences on pre-10.11 OSversions.

  • Fixed a bug in progress reporting in which the progress dialogwould occasionally be blank, except for the progress bar andCancel button.

  • Added additional diagnostic logging to help diagnose cases inwhich Unix tool execution fails unexpectedly.

  • TeX comments no longer interfere with Balance operations.

  • When using the 'Check Syntax' or 'Run' commands for a supportedlanguage, the command path in the #! line is now honored inpreference to the language module's built-in command. Anyspecific arguments for debugging (e.g. -d for Perl) may beadded as needed, and if so will be added after any argumentsspecified on the #! line.

  • Updated the list of Perl keywords, and split Perl predefinedfunctions into a separate list so that they're colored aspredefined names, and not as language keywords.

  • When using the 'Check Syntax' or 'Run' commands for a supportedlanguage, the command path in the #! line is now honored inpreference to the language module's built-in command. Anyspecific arguments for debugging (e.g. -d for Perl) may beadded as needed, and if so will be added after any argumentsspecified on the #! line.

  • Fixed cosmetic bug in which items in the recently used searchstrings popup (in the Find and Multi-File Search windows) hadbackslashes escaped.

  • Fixed bug in which the general-purpose 'Unix Script Output' logwould be nested one folder deeper in ~/Library/Logs/BBEdit/than it should have been.

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when using a property specifieras the source for a scripted multi-file search/replace operation.

  • Text output from Unix scripts and filters is now normalized, sothat any carriage return (ASCII 13) characters are converted tothe internal representation, rather than appearing as gremlins.

  • Fixed drawing glitch which would occur when showing or hidingthe Navigation Bar.

  • Script execution from the 'Run' command now displays progress insituations where it didn't before.

  • When looking for installed Unix tools, the application will nowenforce the restriction that any binary executables actuallycontain code that is runnable on the current CPU architecture.This fixes problems on systems that have obsolete PowerPC codeinstalled in paths used by the application to find executables.

  • Removed vestigial entry from the results alert for the 'InstallCommand-Line Tools' operation.

  • Fixed bug in which Markdown syntax coloring would becomeinconsistent during certain edits in text that was not part of alist or quoted block.

  • Fixed incorrect coloring of Markdown inline code while typing anunterminated code run at the end of a document.

  • Fixed drawing glitch which would occur in the list header ofdisk browser windows when resizing the sidebar required a textlayout change.

  • Added support for the 'squished heredoc' syntax introduced inRuby 2.3.

  • Removed the factory default keyboard equivalent for 'Print All',because it's a little too close to the factory default equivalentfor 'Previous Document'.

  • Made a change to improve behavior when receiving text draggedfrom applications which only provide byte-swapped UTF-16 (I'mlooking at you, Messages.app).

  • Fixed drawing glitches which would occur when resizing thesidebar in Differences windows.

  • Fixed bug in which the size of the differences list inDifferences windows was not maintained correctly when reshapingthe window (and sometimes it would disappear altogether).

  • When creating a new document from stationery, and the stationeryfile has a name extension that maps to a known language, the newdocument's language will be set to that language. For example, anew document created from a stationery file named 'foo.tex'will have a language of TeX, and a document created from astationery file named 'bar.mm' will have a language ofObjective-C++.

  • Fixed bug in which the application would crash while opening theMulti-File Search window in cases where a previously selectedtext document had had its backing file deleted.

  • 'Remove Line Breaks' no longer causes a visible 'jump' to thebeginning of the document in the view being processed.

  • Fixed bug in which using the Text Options popover woulddestabilize the application.

  • The Terminal command file generated by 'Run in Terminal' nowcontains logic to delete itself as well as the temporary copycreated when running an unsaved document (if applicable) afterexecution is complete.

  • Fixed bug in which literal string matching ('is', 'is not') infile filters was case sensitive.

  • Made changes to improve usability with SFTP servers thatimplement obsolete versions of the protocol (in particular,CoreFTP on Windows).

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when spawning shell subtasks onmacOS 10.12.

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  • If a Differences window has exactly one unsaved documentdisplayed and focus is in the differences list, the 'Save' and'Revert' commands will now operate on that document, rather thandoing nothing.

  • Fixed various memory leaks.

  • When running on OS X 10.10 or later and 'Increase contrast' isturned on in the system Accessibility preferences, text for UIelements in editing windows is now drawn darker, as are dividinglines between some UI elements.

  • Fixed bug in which emacs mode lines which specified unrecognizedmodes would set a document's language to 'None', even when thedocument's filename extension correctly indicated the language.

  • Made a change to Open File by Name searching so that exactmatches for the entered file name are found, even in very largesearch spaces, rather than being lost due to restrictions on themaximum number of search results.

  • When a document opens in a disk browser or results list windowas a result of clicking on an item in the sidebar (or resultslist, as appropriate), the text view no longer draws as though ithas keyboard focus, since it doesn't.

  • When running on macOS 10.12, our additions to the spelling panelare suppressed in order to work around a bug in which the OS laysout the panel incorrectly. (Radar 28263496.)

  • Fixed crashes and other misbehavior which would occurwhen switching between a color scheme and customized settings.

  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.12 which would cause strangebehavior when switching color schemes or changing individualcolor settings in the 'Text Colors' preferences.


You'll need several things to get started with POPFile on Mac OS X.

  • The latest POPFile release.
    Note: there are three versions of Mac OS X installer. One is for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), one is for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and the other is for older versions of Mac OS X.
  • An e-mail account that uses the POP3 protocol (most accounts do, although you can't use POPFile with web-based services like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail without extra software. See Configuring Proxies & Firewalls).
  • Approximately 12.2MB free disk space is required for the default installation created by the Mac OS X installer.
  • POPFile is written in Perl and requires some extra Perl modules so the installer installs the modules which occupies approximately 4.4MB. These modules are compiled in the Universal binary format, which means that POPFile will run natively on both PPC and Intel Macs.
  • The installer installs the 'Nihongo' parser (Kakasi) used to analyse the Japanese text.
  • The installer also installs XMLRPC module, NNTP/SMTP proxies and IMAP module.
  • The SSL Support is no longer an option. POPFile installer will install the modules which are needed to use SSL connections.

Text Wrangler For Mac Osx 10.10 10.13

  • The word lists (called the corpus) used to classify your email will take some additional space depending on how much mail you use to train POPFile and how many buckets you create. POPFile keeps a temporary copy of recent mail (the Message History) for a few days to make it easy to correct any classification errors so some extra space is required for these recent messages. For some users only a few extra MB will be sufficient for the corpus and Message History, for others an additional 100 MB may be required.