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There have been loads of Michael Jordan stories over the past month or so that have left fans in awe. From MJ’s ruthless behavior towards opponents to his motivational techniques on teammates, and beyond, ESPN’s documentary, The Last Dance, sure did reveal a helluva lot about the GOAT during his playing days.

But, as we all know, the in-depth documentary couldn’t possibly tell every single story about Michael Jordan. After all, pretty much everything the guy does turns into some sort of competition, which ends up being something wild about a $100,000 bet on the golf course or something. Seriously, MJ treats every day like it’s his last, and never holds back in anything he does. That’s commendable.

As wild as all these stories about Jordan have been, there’s one that isn’t all that well-known; even to diehard fans of his. That’d be the one about the time he was used as a human cutting board during a prison ministry event during his college days at the University of North Carolina.

According to Fadeaway World, Michael Jordan, who was still an unknown commodity at the time, was volunteered to be part of a stunt from Dallas evangelist Bill Glass that involved a samurai sword, a watermelon, and a bunch of prison inmates. No, seriously, that actually happened. Rather than even try to describe the whole situation, take a look below at how the thing unfolded — and how it left Jordan stabbed, and in need of three stitches.

When Smith offered up this unknown freshman, Glass was gracious but dubious. Jordan was certainly better than nothing. But part of the idea behind Glass’ Weekend of Champions ministry was to have a big-name athlete take part in the witnessing programs. Aside from their rap sheets, what was to separate Jordan from these men doing time? Without the fame, how would they identify upward?

Then Jordan hit a certain championship-winning shot in March, and when that summer’s ministry rolled through Raleigh’s Triangle Correctional Facility, the inmates warmly welcomed him to the exercise yard. And Jordan, decked out in his fresh U.S. All-Stars warmups, got enthusiastic props for thoroughly schooling a cell block all-star. Glass was relieved. Those who didn’t receive salvation at least would have something to write home about.

Before Glass hit ’em with the Good Word, a martial-arts expert from Tennessee named Mike Crain was invited to ratchet up the yard’s emotion. Jordan stuck around to see the show. And when it came time for Crain to do his crowd-pleasing samurai-sword show, he asked for a volunteer.

History gets a little murky after that. Glass remembers that Jordan willingly climbed onstage. Crain remembers it differently. See, the sword trick calls for Crain to chop a full-grown watermelon in half while it rests on the volunteer’s stomach. Most everyone who winds up as the fruit platter declines to do so at first, especially after watching Crain, a burly Southerner decked out in an all-white martial-arts suit accented with his black belt, slice the air with cold steel for a few minutes.

But Jordan was more skittish than most — and emphatically said, “No.” Crain wasn’t fazed. He worked the thrill-hungry crowd of inmates to his advantage, and when he began hinting to Jordan that maybe he wasn’t quite man enough to handle the job of human cutting board, the 19-year-old responded to the challenge just the way you would expect. He climbed up the wooden platform and laid himself back on a weight-training bench that had been used in an earlier act. And Crain placed the melon on Jordan’s belly.

So, yes, Michael Jordan’s wildly competitive spirit actually led to him being a chop block, where a burly man with a sword was about to cut open a watermelon on his torso. That’s where things got even weirder.

As Crain produced another black sash and began blindfolding himself, a panicky Jordan started to get up. Crain held him down lightly between the produce and the bench. In a scene that looked like a jailhouse staging of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, the brothers in the yard inched closer to the stage. Crain told Jordan to shield his eyes so stray rind and seeds wouldn’t blind him, but MJ’s eyes were already shut tightly enough to secure a home.

Crain drew back his sword and slashed into the juicy melon. But his blade traveled too far south, and the rail-thin Jordan’s protruding right hip slowed the blow. The watermelon was torn, not severed.

Down came the blade a second time, and now shards of watermelon went flying into the sky and across the stage. Crain knew from his audience’s reaction that he succeeded in dividing the fruit, but he had the queasy feeling that he might have gone too far. This whack was in the right place, but Crain had misjudged the amount of give in Jordan’s lean belly. After pulling off his blindfold, Crain checked to make sure his volunteer was OK. When he and Glass wiped away the juice, melon and seed that covered the front of Jordan’s white jersey, Jordan spotted a tear in the fabric.

Jordan was irate.

“Look whatcha did!” he screamed at Crain. The warmups were Jordan’s reward from his first international tournament. But the guy who had driven Jordan to the prison was concerned about more than the jersey. He suggested Jordan check to see if he had been wounded by the blade. Still heated about the shirt, Jordan wouldn’t look until they were back in the car and the driver insisted. Then they both looked down and spotted a gash near Jordan’s navel. Because he hadn’t felt the wound, Jordan hardly was concerned, even after doctors at an emergency room used three stitches to close him up. He did harbor a small grudge — but not about the injury. That would heal in days. Warmup gear like this, though, was one of a kind.

There are a lot of reasons why Michael Jordan can be called a legend. Whether it was playing at a high level during the infamous “flu game” in the 1997 NBA Finals, or hitting the game-winner to bury the Utah Jazz in the ’98 NBA Finals, among plenty of others. But here’s another reason: Because the dude survived a crazy watermelon stunt that could’ve easily gone awry. Instead, he took it like a champ, got some stitches, and was more pissed off about the one-of-a-kind warmups he was wearing than anything else.

(H/T Fadeaway World)

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One of the best driving games ever made, period. Also known as 4D Sports Driving (European Mindscape release), Stunts is a fun 3D stunts racing simulator that comes with an outstanding track editor. For a great synopsis of what makes Stunts one of the best games in this century, here are some excerpts from GameBytes review:

'In brief, Stunts is a stunt car racing game that has plenty of cars to drive, plenty of opponents to race (and beat), plenty of cliff hanging stunts to try, and thousands of hours of game playing excitement!

Stunts is not a realistic racing simulator. If you want racing realism there are hordes of other titles out there to choose from. [Rather,] Stunts belongs to a distinct genre of games that include other titles such as Stunt Driver and Hard Drivin' II. All promise to offer similar features, but Stunts inevitably rates the best due simply to it's perfect controllability, which is sadly lacking in the other titles no matter how much configurability they try to provide.

Stunts has a wide range to choose from, from the slow offroad 4WDs to turbo charged Formula 1 Racing Cars. Each car type has it's advantages and disadvantages. The 4WDs are slow as snails, but handle well on icy roads. The racing cars on the other hand are fast, but are not much fun to drive on icy roads (in fact, it's possible to out drag a F1 car in a 4WD on an icy road over a short distance!) You also have the option of driving a manual or automatic gearbox for each car.

Stunt Crazywatermelon Gaming

[The game] has two modes of racing. A 'practice' mode where you race against the clock (no opponent), and a 'competitive' mode where you race against a single opponent. There are a range of opponents all with their own various driving strengths. Sadly, the opponent intelligence is rather weak in general. The toughest opponent is called 'Skid Vicious' -- a name to instill fear in would be challengers perhaps? His driving sure doesn't! In fact, all computer opponents share a high level of driving incompetence. They are slow, will reliably crash on any slightly tricky track, and if they don't, it is unbearably easy to 'influence' them into doing so. BUT, the computer opponents can still provide a tough challenge if you don't mind racing them in a much slower car.

It is the presence of the track editor and its operating simplicity that make Stunts a really great game. You can build tracks with three types of road surfaces, from a solid paved roads to slippery icy roads. There are a variety of 'standard' road pieces, like corners, chicanes, crossroads, ramps, elevated roads, and banks. But the exciting part is the huge number of stunt pieces that you can include in your tracks. The range includes tunnels, loops, corkscrews, pipes, half pipes, 'slalom' roads (roads with barricades that you have to 'slalom' though), and corkscrew ramps. In addition there are a number of scenery pieces including buildings of various sizes, trees of various types, ships, and even a tennis court?! All these pieces can of course be combined together to make a vast variety of jumps and stunts. AND, if you ever tire of the set of provided landscapes for building your tracks on, Stunts also includes a terrain editor as part of it's track editor.

To top it all off, Stunts also includes a 10 minute replay buffer (which is long enough for almost any race!). So when you complete that perfect drive, make an incredible recovery from a certain death situation, have a crash that is truly spectacular, or do anything that you want to take a second look at, it's preserved for you in the replay, which you can watch immediately, or save to disk for viewing later.

Plus, for ultimate viewing scrutiny, the game provides a number of viewing cameras (for both viewing replays and racing from!), including a user controlled viewpoint! And of course, you are free to give your replays to your friends, so that they can see your incredible feats of driving.'

With great gameplay, literally thousands of hours replayability and endless track design possibilities, it's no surprise that Stunts remains popular over the years, and there are many fan sites on the Web (check Related Links below for a start) as well as literally thousands of fan-made tracks. If you want to play only one fun enjoyable, but not necessarily realistic, driving game, Stunts is it.

Two thumbs up! Also, check out TrackMania review on this site for the very best 'sequel in spirit' I have ever seen.

Note: here's a neat undocumented feature in the game: press SHIFT+F1 to access terrain pieces in the track editor.


Review By HOTUD

Active Stunts Community

The game still has an active online community! collects technical information about the game (including editors, reverse engineering efforts, etc) and we run monthly races as part of an online competition. You can learn more on this Rock Paper Shotgun article.

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Otto2019-12-121 point

Codes for the Stunts Car Security System

tjonmaxx2019-01-050 point

LOVE THIS thanks so much!!!

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS2018-08-271 point

For Stunts, version 1.1 (2/12/91)
Page Line Word Question
1 12 2 ..and *destructive* stunts that can smash your car..
3 2 1 *track* selection screen. Your goal is to be on it.
3 13 4 In addition, *previewing* might give you a better..
4 4 4 ..time than missing *three* pieces of regular..
4 8 1 *proper* direction. If you get on the track..
5 12 3 hit the *cables* and crash..
6 3 7 while you are driving through the *loop*..
6 5 8 ..more than *110* MPH
7 2 1 *displaying* the current car, an acceleration curve..
7 5 7 ..retail price), and a set of *buttons*.
8 5 7 Just your everyday type of vehicle. *You*..
9 3 9 Interrupted while driving with a *query*
10 3 5 ..your driving performance. This *button* is..
10 6 1 *camera* mode while in this viewing mode.
11 2 1 *directory*. Highlight the desired replay..
12 2 1 *around*, you can choose to race any one at a time.
13 4 11 ..bird's eye view of the *currently*..
14 6 1 *selected* piece is the area upon which it..

Chicones2018-08-08-2 points

How to desativate security system? Ican´t drive. Help

RookieKing2017-12-13-1 point DOS version

Love this game, just one question regarding the password so that i can drive
i do have the manual - but if i look for example at page 12, line 2, word 1
is 'keyboard' i entered keyboard but still the car explodes? WHY THX

RookieKing2017-12-13-2 points DOS version

Love this game, just one question regarding the password so that i can drive
i do have the manual - but if i look for example at page 12, line 2, word 1
is 'keyboard' i entered keyboard but still the car explodes? WHY THX

dreadnaut2017-11-102 points DOS version

For more resources on Stunts and online competitions (yes, in 2017) see

Insane Whippet2017-07-030 point

I used to love this game as a kid, I still like it. Now I'm wondering if they have a newer or modern version

Stunt crazy watermelon gaming skins

shaik2016-11-200 point

I like stunts

ds2016-05-132 points

Dear Abid !
To run the game you need DOSBox.
look up to the dosbox instruction to make run that game.

fdisk2015-11-101 point

Stunt Crazy Watermelon Gaming Skins


abid2015-10-141 point DOS version

my childhood best game.. kindly help me, how can i play this game on windows 7.. please send me link with lot of thanks.

abid2015-10-14-1 point DOS version

my childhood best game.. kindly help me, how can i play this game on windows 7.. please send me link with lot of thanks. Free download abc amber vcard converter waresarah smith.

Ytsejammer2015-03-280 point DOS version

4D .. lol

Berkut2015-01-19-1 point DOS version

Best game ever. Just that.

//aciek2014-11-15-3 points DOS version

Download doesn't work here :/
This game was.. is hilarious! So many hours spent on driving and creating maps. Good old times.

Brad2014-09-191 point DOS version

I recently purchased a new copy of STUNTS to show how much I love it!!!

fred2582014-09-082 points DOS version

Speaking of undocumented features, years ago I figured out how to make the car travel at FULL SPEED after going off into the grass! Hilarious!

Monochrome832014-08-282 points DOS version

Spent too much time playing this as a kid. Was all about that Indy car


orcodionegro2014-07-030 point DOS version

mitico!!! great game.. wtf! ost gorgeous!

xukula2014-06-130 point DOS version

No other driving PC game like stunts!

90s guy2014-04-200 point DOS version

Loved this game. runs so much smoother today. execute with start.exe to bypass security.

BrennenderStahl2014-03-140 point DOS version

well, we loved this game! Many hours of my childhood time we raced for the best time..

andify2014-01-300 point DOS version

played it for hours and hours, again and again

Ex-Con Civil worker!2013-01-150 point DOS version

this game make me a badass civil worker, in the car i only do test drives!!
yes back in the days Lancia Delta beat the shit of everyone, until.........until the thru came out

FatRod2011-12-240 point DOS version

this game back in the days was da shit!!!!!!

Eric, The Panda2011-08-200 point DOS version

Yes, back to the past!
I used to play this game a LOT.

Paperinik77pk2010-11-21-1 point DOS version

One of the greatest driving games ever released! Played it for YEARS!
P.S. The Lancia Delta can go as fast as the Indy Car!!!

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