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Commandos: Strike Force would be the last game in the Commandos series. This was the fifth game overall and it was a massive and I mean massive departure from what the series was known for. The previous four games were RTS games, but with this game, they changed it, and now it is a first-person shooter instead. What is interesting is that while the game has changed from a RTS to a FPS, it still features some of the gameplay elements that fans liked about the earlier games.

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Strike Force Hereosspiter Games Y8

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Three Become One

The game has three campaigns for you to enjoy and they are all set during the Second World War. I think that the story Commandos: Strike Force is trying to tell is a pretty good one. You have Norway, France, and the Soviet Union as the locations and I really liked this. Each one has its own look, style, missions, and of course general story for you to play through. It is a pretty extensive campaign and I had some real fun playing through it.

Grim And Gritty

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While this may not win any awards for its presentation today, I think at the time this was a very solid looking game. I already mentioned how there was a lot of variety to the different locations you will be going to. However, the game overall has a really solid look to it, and while the characters may look a bit rough by modern standards. I do like how they made a real effort to try and make each character look different.

Doing The Right Thing

While Commandos: Strike Force has changed to a first-person shooter, some things have remained the same. You once again have a squad to make use of. Here you have three commandos and each one is different. You have a spy who can sneak around, use gas, and even disguises. A sniper who can use long-ranged weapons and swim and you also have a green beret who is a more hands-on, heavy weaponry kind of guy. Each character has their own personality as well and I liked being able to change my tactics up when necessary.Some might think that three characters is rather limited, but it worked very well and each character has clear strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to utilize their strengths in order to get through the missions.

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Strike Force Hereosspiter Games To Play

No Guns Blazing

One of the things that I think threw people off about this game was how they played it. While it is a first-person shooter, you still have to play with more caution than you would a game like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. There is a lot of strategy at play here and while there will be firefights during certain points of the campaign. For the most part, playing smart and trying to play stealthy is the way you will be going about things.

I can see why the radical change in game style did not sit well with fans of the series. I though, feel that Commandos: Strike Force is way better than people give it credit for. I give the developers credit for trying something new with the series and the game overall is pretty fun. I do wish that the game was more successful so they could have taken another stab at this as I think they had the blueprints for something that could have been a solid series here.


  • I really enjoyed the story of the game
  • Three commandos to play as
  • Each commando feels unique
  • The gameplay is very stealth-based
  • I think the visuals hold up fairly well


  • It might be too different from the rest of the series for some
  • A few more firefights would have been nice

Strike Force Hereosspiter Games Free Online Games

Overall rating: 7.5