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Spider Solitaire game info

Spider Solitaire is an immensely challenging free online solitaire game, that is assuming you elect to play with 4 suits! However thanks to its simple rules it easy quite easy to learn how to play even if it requires some serious thought to try and win a round.

Spider solitaire requires patience, logical thinking and luck. When playing spider solitaire on its most difficult setting, you will have to quit and restart many, many times. However when you do finally win, it's a great feeling!

  • Family: Spider Solitaire Games
  • Decks: Two decks (104 cards)
  • Game time: Long
  • Chance of winning: Low

Table of contents

  1. Spider Solitaire is a game played with two decks of cards. The cards are dealt into 10 columns, some with six cards, and some with five cards. The card at the end of each column is placed face up, and all remaining cards remain in a deck.
  2. The game of Spider Solitaire is played by one person only and belongs to the category of Solitaire games. The game has 3 levels and 2 packs of playing cards are dealt in total. The aim of Spider Solitaire is to sort all cards and to form columns in descending order - from the king to the ace - of the same suit.

Spider Solitaire For Macheavenlyboard 2


The goal of this solitaire game is to remove 8 columns of cards at the bottom, each descending from King to Ace in a single suit. When a column like this is created it is automatically removed from the game freeing up space and opening up cards for you to continue.

Spider Solitaire For Macheavenlyboard

Layout & deal

You will see at the start of the game that 10 columns are dealt at the top, with only the top card shown. You must rearrange the deal to uncover the cards underneath.

Allowable moves

The rules of spider solitaire are as follows. A single card can be moved onto a column if it is one lower than the card it is covering (e.g. A Queen of Hearts can cover any Red King or Black King). When trying to move a column of cards, they can only be moved if they are all in the same suit. For this reason wherever possible it is best to create descending columns of the same suit.

If a column is empty you can place anything on it. It is vitally important to use this well, as freeing up other options is exactly what this card game is about.

You can deal more cards to the layout by clicking the card located in the bottom right. These cards will cover all 8 columns, forcing you to rearrange them so you can reach any grouped columns you have created and arranged previously.


  • Group cards before dealing: Before you deal any more cards, you should make the effort to group what you already have so they are in their suits wherever possible. This reduces the issue of cards getting stuck behind other cards and makes moving groups even easier in the future. This is probably the most important tip to winning more often.
  • Be careful with Kings: Another important thing you can think about while playing include if you want to move the King. Once a King is moved you will not be able to move it again and it will take up an otherwise free column. Of course sometimes you need to get to the cards behind the King so I can only advise care. It can be particularly annoying finding kings placed on important columns when dealing addition cards, so I often find it is best to wait until all cards are dealt before dealing with these.
  • Prefer playing from the smaller piles: Of course this tip probably goes without saying, but if possible move cards from columns with fewer cards on them. The idea being to free up a column to shuffle your cards around as soon as you can, which makes a it a lot easier to start grouping cards together in matching suits.


You start with 500 points. Each move (or turning the stock) will cost you 1 point. When a full run is moved to the foundation you score 100 points.


Spider Solitaire Large

The game featured on this page is the classic spider solitaire. Other famous implementations of spider solitaire are Crystal Spider Solitaire and Golden Spider Solitaire. Spiderette is the one deck version of Spider Solitaire. In Scorpion Solitaire you also have to create in-suit sequences from King to Ace in the tableau.


How to set up Spider Solitaire?

Deal 10 columns, 6 cards to the first 4 piles, 5 cards to the last 6 piles. Only the top card in each pile is face-up. The rest of the cards go into the stock, in 5 groups of 10 cards each.

How to win at Spider Solitaire?

Spider solitaire is notoriously hard to win, especially the 4 suits version. Make sure to group cards as much as possible before dealing extra cards. Be careful with placing Kings on empty columns, because they will block the column until it is removed by creating a full sequence. Try to create empty columns by playing from the smaller piles first.

How is Spider Solitaire scored?

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At the beginning you get 500 points. 1 point is reduced for each move. Creating a full sequence will earn you 100 points.

Spider Solitaire For Macheavenlyboard Windows Xp

How to play Spider Solitaire with one deck?

Spider Solitaire For Macheavenlyboard Free

Spider Solitaire For Macheavenlyboard

Spider Solitaire Original Game

Spider solitaire with one deck is called Spiderette. It follows the same rules as Spider Solitaire, except for the deal. In Spiderette, the tableau has seven piles which are dealt as in Klondike Solitaire: the first pile gets one card, the second pile two cards, and so on. All other rules are the same.