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p.9 That there will be unanticipated consequences is the one sure thing we can anticipate. -Halcolm

Information contacts for School of Arts & Social Sciences academic and professional staff, postdoctoral fellows, sessional staff, emeriti, honorary, adjunct and visiting staff. Drawing on more than 40 years of experience conducting applied social science research and program evaluation, author Michael Quinn Patton has crafted the most comprehensive and systematic book on qualitative research and evaluation methods, inquiry frameworks, and analysis options available today. George Patton - George Patton - Controversies and appraisal: In time Patton’s legacy has come to be defined by his controversial and sometimes erratic behaviour almost as much as by his martial prowess. When a pair of mules blocked a bridge during the Sicily offensive in 1943, halting his armoured convoy and making it vulnerable to enemy fire, Patton personally shot the animals and ordered. May 25th - May 29th Monday Tuesday Wednesda y Thursday Friday Assignment Explanations: My Science Notebook (p. 150-153) - Use p. 178 in the Science textbook to help complete this assignment. The Vienna Doctoral Schools offers a wide range of courses and services for doctoral students in the field of social sciences. Before applying for admission, we recommend that you search for potential supervisors on the website of the Doctoral School and inform yourself about the specific admission requirements of the Doctoral School.

p.22 The key to making a good forecast is weighing quantitative and qualitative information appropriately. -Nate Silver (2012, p. 100)

p.147 Patterns emerge from self-organization among interacting agents. Each agent or element pursues its own path, but as that path intersects with, and the agent interacts with, others, also pursuing their own paths, patterns of interaction emerge

p.346 Rapid appraisal studies, also called rapid reconnaissance and rapid assessment, are aimed at quick, low-cost data collection to answer specific, urgent questions. The purpose is to obtain a narrow, but in-depth understanding of the conditions and needs of the targeted group in a specific area to inform immediate decisions.

Science and social studies team patton pa

p.347 Rapid appraisals respond to increasing demands for 'real-time' data. Where decisions have to be taken with imperfect data, some data are better than none, and timely findings are better than reports that come in after a decision has been taken. While speed can contribute to utility, the quality and selectivity of rapid recon data can raise credibility questions.

Science And Social Studiesteam Patton

p.358 Experienced observers often use 'sensitizing concepts' to orient fieldwork.. More generally, 'a sensitizing concept is a starting point in thinking about the class of data of which the social researcher has no definite idea and provides an initial guide to her research' (van den Hoonaard, 1997, p. 2). Adobe audition cs6 for mac thuc mac. Sensitizing concepts in the social sciences include loosely defined notions like victim, stress, stigma, and learning organization, which can provide some initial direction to a study as a fieldworker inquires into how the concept is given meaning in a particular place or set of circumstances being studied (Schwandt, 2001).

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p.358-359 Qualitative methodologist Norman Denzin (1978a) has captured the essence of how sensitizing concepts guide fieldwork:

The observer moves from sensitizing concepts to the immediate world of social experience and permits that world to shape and modify his conceptual framework. In this way he moves continually between the realm of more general social theory and the worlds of native people. Such an approach recognizes that social phenomena, while displaying regularities, vary by time, space, and circumstance. The observer, then, looks for repeatable regularities. He uses ritual patterns of dress and body-spacing as indicators of self-image. He takes special languages, codes and dialects as indicators of group boundaries. He studies his subject's prized social objects as indicators of prestige, dignity and esteem hierarchies. He studies moments of interrogation and derogation as indicators of socialization strategies. He attempts to enter his subject's closed world of interaction so as to examine the character of private versus public acts and attitudes. (p. 9)

p.361 Quantitative inquiry requires converting concepts into operationalized (measurable) variables. Qualitative inquiry leaves concepts open for exploration and illumination in the field.

p.361 Operationalization involves translating an abstract construct into concrete measures for the purpose of gathering data on the construct. Through operationalization, a concept becomes a variable, and if the operationalization gains wide acceptance and use, the operational definition becomes the standard measurement of the concept

p.362 A sensitizing concept raises consciousness about something and alerts us to watch out for it within a specific context as we undertake fieldwork. That's what the concept of context does.. Watch out for those interactions and their effects. Pay attention. Something important may be happening.

Science And Social Studies Team Patton Md

p.362-363 Don't judge the maturity and utility of the concept by whether it has 'achieved' a standardized and universally accepted operational definition. Judge it instead by its utility in sensitizing us to how people experience the worlds in which they live and work.

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Science And Social Studies Team Patton Pa

p.541 The ability to use thematic analysis appears to involve a number of underlying abilities, or competencies. One competency can be called patterns recognition. It is the ability to see patterns in seemingly random information. -Boyatzis