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  • SAMSUNGUSBDriverforMobilePhones.exe The USB Driver for Windows is available for download on this page. You need the driver only if you are developing on Windows and want to connect a Samsung Android device to your development environment over USB.
  • Steps to download Samsung USB Drivers and install. To begin with the process the most important thing that you will need is the USB Drivers. So first you have to download the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer. For downloading, click here. The link contains the Samsung USB drivers that are applicable for all the Samsung devices.

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Download and extract the USB driver on the computer. Open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) and Click on the Computer Name Action Menu Add Legacy Hardware. Click on the Next button. Select the Install the hardware that I manually Select from a list checkbox and Click on the Next button.

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Samsung USB Drivers is a software that you need to install on a computer for allowing your Samsung smartphone or tablet to get easily connected via USB. Moreover, with the USB Drivers, you can easily perform various operations like transfer of files between Samsung device and PC, use the Odin tool, and flash official Stock firmware.

Besides you can also flash unofficial custom ROM, flash GApps, set up ADB and Fastboot, sync with a computer, and much more. Especially for Android App developers, the USB drivers are crucially important for implementing testing operations with the device. Furthermore, there is no need for Samsung Kies if you have Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC.

1.How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows

How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows

In this guide, we’ll discuss some easy steps on how to download and install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 32 bit, or 64-bit operating systems. Are you facing a USB device not recognized error on your Windows computer?

Samsung Usb Treiber Free Download Windows 7

If yes, then use this article to update your Samsung mobile drivers and fix the error. Once you’ve downloaded the latest Samsung USB Drivers, follow the instructions given below to install or upgrade the drivers on your PC.



Proceed at your own risk. We at Droid Thunder will not be liable for any damage caused to your device by following this guide. Perform the steps carefully without a mistake.


  • A computer (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32/64 bit)
  • Standard USB cable
  • Samsung phone


Steps to Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows

  • Extract the downloaded Samsung USB Drivers file on your computer.
  • Moreover, connect your Samsung device to a PC using the USB cable.
  • Then right-click the Samsung USB Drivers file and select ‘Run as administrator’ option.
  • As you click on that option, the following screen will popup on your computer:
  • Click on Next, and select Language and Country from the options.
  • After choosing the language and country, click on next.
  • Then select the installation location. C:Program FilesSamsungUSB Drivers are selected by default.
  • Click on the Install option to begin the USB Drivers installation process.
  • It will take a few minutes for the installation process to complete.
  • Wait and be patient.
  • As the process completes, click on the Finish option.
  • Disconnect your Samsung device from the computer and switch it off completely.
  • Besides, boot your Samsung device into Download Mode. For doing so, press and hold the ‘Volume Down key + Home button (middle button) + Power key’ simultaneously until you see a warning message. As soon as you see the warning message window leave all the keys.
  • Note: This method of booting into Download mode is nearly the same for all Samsung devices. If your device does not have a Home button, just use the Power and Volume down key.
  • Now on your device, press the Volume up button to continue. This will directly land your Samsung device into downloading mode.
  • Now on your PC, right-click on My Computer and select the ‘Manage’ option.
  • The Computer Management screen will popup.
  • Then select the Device Manager option.
  • Keeping the Samsung device in Download Mode, connect it to your computer using a standard USB cable.
  • This will initiate the Device setup.
  • Wait until the installation completes.
  • To confirm the successful installation, check the ‘Universal serial bus controllers’ and ‘Modems’ from the Device Manager.


Finally! This is how you can install Samsung USB drivers on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 32 bit, or 64-bit operating systems. Remington model 600 serial numbers.

Unfortunately, if the above method doesn’t work and your Samsung phone is still not recognized by the computer, then refer to our guide:

If you face any problem or have issues or suggestions related to this guide, then do comment below. Thank you!