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The Evansville Speedsters support to promote the sport of track and field and cross country among the youth of Evansville and the surrounding area.

Cross Country Season - Oct - Dec
Cross Country starts October 15th at 5:30pm and ends Nov. 21st
Practices will be Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 9:30am all practices at State Hospital.
Address: 3400 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714
Level 1
- $25 returning members
& $45 new members.
Level 2- $65 returning members
& $80 new members.
Also USATF runners need to apply
for $20 USATF membership number:
Cross Country Meets
Meets - Date - Place - Check In - Start
Local Meet - Nov. 2nd - State Hospital - 9:30am - 10am
USATF State - Nov. 9th - Columbus, IN -
USATF Regionals - Nov. 24th - Nashville, IN -
USATF National - Dec. 14th - Madison, Wisconsin -

Apr 19, 2016 The speedster is much faster than ordinary humans, but his top speed varies from around 200 mph all the way up to Mach 5. After the events of M-Day, Pietro lost his powers (and briefly gained the power to travel in time thanks to the Terrigen Mists), but seems to have regained them in more recent comics. 5 Kid Flash (DC). After 20 years of building VW powered Speedsters we launched an 15 year program in 2002 to develop our mid-engine water-cooled Speedster replica.That effort also brought forth a 1957 SAS Cabriolet and a 1957 SAS Coupe as well.

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A speedster is a character whose powers primarily relate to superhuman speed (also known as superspeed).Primary abilities shared by all speedsters include running at speeds far in excess of human capability (to varying degrees) and resistance to the side effects (air resistance, inability to breathe, dynamic shock resulting from contact with objects at high speed, etc.) that result from such. While that’s a near-impossible question to actually answer, we’ve gathered twelve contenders to the title from Marvel and DC. All of these speedsters can get from point A to point B in a flash – and without the use of teleportation, reality bending, or any other trickery. Just good old fashioned speed.

The Speed Force is an energy field that grants all speedsters their power. Several speedsters have merged with it, including Barry Allen, Johnny Quick, and Max Mercury. Eobard Thawne stated that at it's core, the Speed Force is equivalent to time i The Speed Force is a cosmic force based around velocity and movement and one of The Seven Forces of the Universe. It is the representation of.

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Track Season - June - July
We offer summer memberships that include daily practices and 4 local meets. We also travel to other meets during the season. You can email Bobby Lewis ([email protected])for meet schedule of the away meets during the season.
2019 Track Away Schedule:
State Meet - June 15-16 Muncie,Indiana Ball State College
Regional Meet - July 13-14 Joliet, Illinois
National Meet - July 22-28 Sacramento, California

Track Practices:
June and July,
Mon, Wed, Fri at 5:30pm at Harrison High School Track
Address: 211 Fielding Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

Local meet dates.
June 20 & 27
July 11 & 18
Track Opens at 5:15pm
Meets start at 6:00pm

Indoor Track Season - Nov-Feb
Indoor workouts will start
Saturday November 3rd at 9:00am to 10:00am
at UE indoor recreation facility
cost is $25 one time fee.

Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap200/300
Shield Regen6/8
Energy Cap80/140
Energy Regen30/45
Turning Rate60/80
Terminal Velocity90/115
Stats (Constant)

A-Speedster is a Tier 6 ship in It fires one frontal pulse with moderate damage, knockback, and recoil as well as two frontal diverging lasers. It is the fastest Tier 6 ship in the game, and also the most agile. Its narrow shape also makes it difficult to hit. It also has brilliant firepower, at the expense of shields. When played properly, this ship is deadly especially against slower, less agile ships. (Ex: The slower level 7s)

When playing as the A-Speedster, upgrade Energy Regeneration first before upgrading the rest of the stats. The A-Speedster is a decent ship un-upgraded but becomes truly strong only when fully upgraded. It does extremely well in dense asteroid fields as well as in open space, however, it is necessary to have some experience first. The weakness of the A-Speedster is its slow upgrade path. A strategy could be to fully upgrade the Shadow X-2 and harass other ships before upgrading to the Speedster. You could also use the Aetos to get to this ship, which is often preferable, since it is a faster miner, but vulnerable.

Tips:When dueling or fighting other vessels, take care not to ram and to use the superior agility to hit-and-run the opponents. Separate teams before taking them out one-by-one, using superior maneuvering abilities of the Speedster. When low on shields, use the incredible acceleration and good speed to quickly escape to regenerate shields. In Deathmatch, the A-Speedster proves to be an incredible kill-stealer, quickly earning points, while in Team Mode, coordinated A-Speedsters can very quickly kill enemies. Using RCS well, it becomes even deadlier. When loaded up with attack pods it becomes extremely deadly, being able to take down ships that are equal in speed or slower.

Almost always wait to use the main pulse, because the side lasers do tiny damage and face outward, making them not very useful. Using RCS with this ship can be deadly, as most people will only be shooting one main pulse at a time from a maxed-out A-Speedster. The A-Speedster also has good shield regeneration (when maxed) to make hit and runs very effective, to where if one is skilled enough you can kill Odyssey and Aries. But if you get hit most will just about instantly take off the shields because they are not very high and you will take insane knockback possibly hitting an asteroid and taking even more damage making it easier for them to kill you.

A-Speedsters should be careful around ships that can easily out-health them, such as the O-Defender, as it will take a long time to whittle down their health. Fully upgraded scorpions are best avoided, unless they are unskilled, low on shields (But mind gem-poolers), or you have team mates to back you up. Similar goes for Advanced Fighter, because they can take out nearly all of your shields in 2 hits, and if they are skilled enough will possibly kill you in a matter of seconds. Don't forget that speed is your ally as this ship!

Cannons[editedit source]

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TypeEnergy Per Shot (Min/Max):Damage (Min/Max):Velocity (Min/Max):Mirrored:Recoil:Frequency:Error:Bullets Spread Angle (Degree(s)):# Of Lasers:
Question?official Speedsters!
TypeEnergy Per Shot (Min/Max):Damage (Min/Max):Velocity (Min/Max):Mirrored:Recoil:Frequency:Error:Bullets Spread Angle (Degree(s)):# Of Lasers:
Ships (Vanilla)
Upgrades to:
Shadow X-3 - Bastion
Upgrades from:
Odyssey - Shadow X-3 - Bastion - Aries
Advanced-Fighter - Scorpion - Marauder - Condor - A-Speedster - Rock-Tower - Barracuda - O-Defender
U-Sniper - FuryStar - T-Warrior - Aetos - Shadow X-2 - Howler - Bat-Defender
Vanguard - Mercury - X-Warrior - Side-Interceptor - Pioneer - Crusader
Pulse-Fighter - Side-Fighter - Shadow X-1 - Y-Defender
Ships (Kleinem's Enhanced Ship Tree - KEST)
Upgrades to:
Upgrades from:
Mosquito - Aetos
Odyssey - WartHog - Pulse-Warrior - Shadow X-3 - Bastion - Poseidon - Aries
Payload - Advanced-Fighter - Scorpion - Gallus-X - H-Mercury - G-Sniper - A-Speedster - Advanced-Support-Fighter - Condor - M-Seeker - Mantis - Rock-Tower - PrimeFighter - Barracuda - O-Defender
U-Sniper - Valkyrie - FuryStar - T-Warrior - Mosquito - Aetos - Shadow X-2 - Seeker - Toscain - Settler - Nail - Bat-Defender
Vanguard - Mercury - X-Warrior - Stalker - Side-Interceptor - Gale - Pioneer - Crusader - Mite-Defender
Pulse-Fighter - Renegade - Side-Fighter - Shadow X-1 - Y-Defender - Piranha - Flounder
Gnat - Gem-Canister - Fly

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