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@gogatrs: iRacing users who don't use Trading Paints will see whatever default paint scheme you give your car from within the iRacing program itself. If you don't paint your car, they'll see the basic, white skin. If you give it one of iRacing's default paint schemes, they'll see that. Colour Scheme Pro is a digital colour selection app that is designed to inspire you to build colour palettes, explore combinations & have fun with colour. Pick a shade from Colour Spectra and create your own combination or allow the app to guide you to create combination. The Colour Picker feature allows you to pick an image and extract colours out of it. Use the Colour Match feature to get a. Free color schemes PowerPoint template is a free background for PowerPoint presentations that you can download and use in your slides. This free PPT template has color circles with color schemes that you can use as an abstract background for your presentations but also for other interesting presentation needs including art and paint. It only offers a paint bucket and broad paint brush for selecting zones. This results in a lack of precision in choosing your zones. Check it out (you can see the thick paint strokes and that’s the most precise tool it offers): Moreover, this paint color tool doesn’t offer color themes or starting paint color combinations.

Download these 11 Free Sample Painting Estimate Templates to help you in preparing your own Painting Estimate Form. Generally making a paint estimate is very difficult job yet a necessary one. Understanding key mechanics behind every quote is the basis which might not only enable us to understand nut also do estimation for ourselves.

Great Northern Paint Schemes

Due to numerous requests, I have added a very basic Great Northern Paint Scheme section to my FAQ. This is meant as a GENERAL guide only. For more detailed information:
Click Here for GN Color Paint Chips
Click Here for GNRHS Reference Sheet #28 (Great Northern Equipment Color Schemes)
Refer to any of the recent
books on Great Northern equipment by David Hickcox, Scott Thompson, Joe Shine or John F. Strauss, Jr.
Steam Engines:
Most GN Steam engines were usually black with a large GN logo on the tender.

(please note: the above logos are for general reference only -- colors and logos varied)

Some steam engines received what was unofficially known as the 'Glacier Park' scheme which consisted of a green boiler, white or graphite smokebox and sometimes a mineral red cab roof. Since it was an unofficial paint scheme which differed from shop to shop, there were many variations.
In the early 1950's, GN began painting all steam locomotives in basic black up until the end of steam in 1957.
Diesel Engines:
From 1926 to 1941, Great Northern's diesel locomotives (mostly switchers) came in basic black. Like the steam engines, they generally had a large GN logo on the side.
The famous Omaha Orange/Pullman Green/gold stripe 'Empire Builder' scheme first appeared on Great Northern's EMD FT diesel locomotives built in May 1941.
In 1962, GN introduced what was dubbed by some the 'Simplified Scheme' which appeared only on the diesel locomotives. This consisted of Omaha Orange on top, Pullman Green on bottom and no gold stripe.
The idea was to save up to one day in painting a locomotive. The passenger equipment continued to be painted in the original EB scheme. Some 'second generation' diesels such as GP30's, GP35's, SD45's, also received orange BELOW the cab.
In 1967, Great Northern began their 'Big Sky Blue' era. Diesel Engines received Dark Gray on top, a thick white stripe and Big Sky Blue below.
The BSB scheme continued until the Burlington Northern merger on March 2, 1970 when BN's 'Cascade Green' was introduced.
Passenger Equipment:
From 1924 to 1947, Great Northern all-steel 'heavyweight' passenger equipment consisted primarily of Pullman Green cars with gold leaf lettering. Earlier passenger equipment (mostly wood) will not be covered here.
1947 saw the delivery of the 'Postwar Edition' of the Empire Builder from American Car & Foundry on which the orange/green/gold stripe scheme first appeared. All subsequent passenger car deliveries for various GN trains used this same paint scheme.
At first, only the streamlined lightweight passenger equipment wore the orange/green/gold stripe. Later on, some heavyweight equipment was painted into this scheme to better match lightweight equipment on trains like the Western Star, Fast Mail and others.

When the 'simplified scheme' (see Diesel Engines above) was introduced in 1962, the passenger equipment kept the original Empire Builder scheme.

In 1967, Great Northern began their 'Big Sky Blue' era. Passenger Equipment received Dark Gray on Top, a thick white stripe and Big Sky Blue below.
The BSB scheme continued until the Burlington Northern merger on March 2, 1970 when BN's 'Cascade Green' was introduced.
Freight Cars:
Up to 1956, most freight equipment was either brown or mineral red.
1956-1961 freight equipment was painted 'Vermillion Red'.
1961-1967 freight equipment was painted 'Glacier Green'.
1967-1970 freight equipment was painted 'Big Sky Blue'.
Refrigerator cars (Western Fruit Express and others) were
painted yellow with brown ends.
There were also some box cars with orange on top and Pullman green on the bottom which were built and ran from the late 1940's on. Many of these were express boxcars and the orange/green paint scheme helped them blend in better on trains like the Western Star, Fast Mail and others.

Up to the mid-1950's, GN cabooses were painted a caboose red with yellow lettering.


From the mid-1950's to 1967, GN cabooses were painted caboose red with white lettering.


1967 to 1970, GN cabooses were painted Big Sky Blue.

Between 1953 and 1967, GN painted 'Safety Slogans' on the side of cabooses. The slogan generally matched the last digit of that cabooses' number. Thus caboose X-228's slogan was 'What's Your Safety Score Today?'. The caboose slogans are as follows:
(source: Page 43 of Scott Thompson's book, 'Great Northern Equipment, Volume 3')
0 - Think Safety Work Safely
1 - Work Safely Every Day
2 - You Can't Afford An Accident
3 - Make Your Way The Safe Way
4 - The Best Way Is The Safe Way
5 - Safety Today - Every Day
6 - Taking Changes Takes Lives
7 - Your Safety Is Up To You
8 - What's Your Safety Score Today?
9 - Be Wise Beware Be Safe

Empire Builder Paint Scheme:

Question (to Duane Buck/GNRHS): Which company produces the closest color match for passenger train engines (F3 and F7) with the Walther's 'Empire Builder' GN passenger cars or their other GN passenger cars?

Answer (to Duane Buck/GNRHS): If you have some of the earlier P-2000 locos, I'm certain that you have noticed that the orange on the Empire Builder cars and the associated F7's have a more reddish tint. The green on the cars and F7's is fine. The latest release of F3's has a lighter orange color that is more prototypically correct.
Since the paint colors are formulated in China where the models are manufactured, the only effective way to match the paint is to mix the colors. Probably the easiest way would be to use readily available FLOQUIL paint. Use Reefer Orange with a slight amount of Caboose Red for the Empire Builder and F7's. For the earlier locos, use Reefer Orange with a slight amount of Reefer Yellow. For the green color use 4 parts Pullman Green, 1 part + Engine Black and 1 part Tuscan Red. Some minor adjustments may be required.
As for the yellow striping (FLOQUIL Reefer Yellow) used on the E/B cars, the GN paint diagram shows 'Imitation Gold' for the striping. However, the gold does not give a sharp delineation between the orange and green colors as the yellow does. Therefore the manufacturers have generally gone to yellow because the appearance is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and provides a sharper definition between colors. GN diesel paint diagrams show that yellow striping was utilized.

2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Paint Schemes

NOTE: for each Team Schemes page …all images will load….could take a bit depending on connection speed.

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#2 Penske Racing Team Schemes Page [Miller Lite, Redds Apple Ale, Miller Lite Fan Mosaic, Miller Lite NASCAR Unites, Miller Lite / Luke Bryan]

#5 Hendrick Motorsports Team Schemes Page [Farmers Insurance, Time Warner Cable, Quaker State Oil, Great Clips, Farmers Insurance 85th Anniversary,, PepsiMax]

#7 Tommy Baldwin Racing Team Schemes Page [Sany, Florida Lottery, GoPro, Breast Cancer Awareness, Ultra Wheel]

#9 Richard Petty Racing Team Schemes Page [DeWalt, Stanley, MacTools, Racing for a Miracle/Ace Hardware Foundation]

#10 Stewart Haas Racing Team Schemes Page [, St Patty’s Day, GoDaddy Cares, GoDaddy.US, pink Beast Cancer Awareness]


#11 Joe Gibbs Racing Team Schemes Page [FedEx: Express, Freight, Ground, Office; March of Dimes/FedEx Office, FedEx Delivery Manager, Sports Clips, FedEx Freight/Autistm Speaks, 2005 Fedex to honor Jason Leffler]

#12 Penske Racing Team Schemes Page [SKF]

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#15 Michael Waltrip Racing Team Schemes Page [5-Hour Energy, Peak Motor Oil, NAPA Filters, R.K. Motors, Gander Mountain, Toyota, Kentucky Fried Chicken – No Bones, 30th Anniversary Camry, Duck Dynasty, Raspberry 5-hour ENERGY / Living Beyond Breast Cancer]

#16 Roush Fenway Racing Team Schemes Page [3M, American Red Cross (gray & blue), Ace Brand, Meguiars, Fastenal, Filtrete, Give Kids a Smile, 3M Patriotic, 3M Pink/Breast Cancer Awareness, 3M Safety, 3M/FIRST, Bondo, Sherwin Williams, Scotchguard, Hire our Heroes, RFR Driven]

#17 Roush Fenway Racing Team Schemes Page [Best Buy, Zest, Fifth Third Bank, NOS Energy Drink, Fastenal, Ford EcoBoost, Driven/Breast Cancer Awareness, Nationwide Insurance, MyBestBuy]

#18 Joe Gibbs Racing Team Schemes Page [M&M;’s, Interstate Batteries, Snickers Bites, M’ Prove America, DoubleMint, M&M; Peanut, Halloween M&M;’s]

#19 Humphrey Smith Racing Team Schemes Page [G-Oil, Black, GPI-Gentry Plastics]

#20 Joe Gibbs Racing Team Schemes Page [Dollar General, Husky Tools, Husky Tools – Kenseth’s 500th Career start, Home Depot “Lets Do This”]

#21 Wood Brothers Racing Team Schemes Page [Motorcraft/Quick Lane, Retro 1963, Henry Ford 150th Birthday]

#22 Penske Racing Team Schemes Page [Pennzoil, Pennzoil/Shell, Automobile Club of Southern California/AAA, AAA, Hertz]

#24 Hendrick Motorsports Team Schemes Page [PepsiMax, Drive to End Hunger/AARP, Cromax Pro, Impron Elite, Drive to End Hunger/AARP-Patriotic, Axalta, Standox]

#27 Richard Childress Racing Team Schemes Page [Menards: Rheem, CertainTeed, Peak, Serta, Pittsburgh Paints; Quaker State, Libman, Duracell, Tarkett, Schrocks, Nibco, Moen, Turtle Wax]

#29 Richard Childress Racing Team Schemes Page [Budweiser, Rheem, Jimmy John’s, Bad Boy Buggie’s, Bell Helicopter, Budweiser/Rheem, Budweiser Folds of Honor]

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#30 (#26) Swam Racing Team Schemes Page [Sandy Hook School Fund, Swan Racing, Honoring Boston Marathon Victims, Swan Energy, Lean1, Widow Wax, Genny Light, Black Clover]

#31 Richard Childress Racing Team Schemes Page [Caterpiller, Caterpillar Hybrid Excavator, Cheerios, Kwikset, Childress Institute, American Ethanol, Airgas-Bulwark, Sleep Innovations] Ramayanam in telugu.

#32 FAS Lane Racing Team Schemes Page [CJ Energy Services, Federated Auto Parts, U.S. Chrome, OxyWater,]

#33 Circle Sport / RCR Team Schemes Page [Honey Nut Cheerios, Moon Shine Wildfire Camo, Justin Workboots, KCI Kansas City, Bicycle NASCAR Playing Cards, Canadian Tire, American Ethanol, Mycogen Seeds, Shore Lodge, ERC TMone, Boot Barn]

#34 Front Row Motorsports Team Schemes Page [Peanut Patch, Detail Doctor, Dockside Logistics, Love’s Travel Stops, CSX Play it Safe, Farm Rich, Taco Bell,]

Paint Scheme Download Page Html

#35 Front Row Motorsports Team Schemes Page [, MDS Transport, Carson Newman University]

#36 Tommy Baldwin Racing Team Schemes Page [United Mining Equipment / PittLite, Golden Corral, Accell Construction, NASCAR Day, World Trade, Mobil1, Drive Sober Arrive Alive]


#37 MAX Q Motorsports Team Schemes Page [no sponsor a white Chevy]

#38 Front Row Motorsports Team Schemes Page [Love’s Travel Center, Long John Silver’s, A&W; Restaurants, Ezpawn/Ezmoney, Dockside Logistics]

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#40 Circle Sport Team Schemes Page [Interstate Moving Services, pink Moon Shine Attaire]

#42 Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Team Schemes Page [Target, AXE Apollo, Clorox 100th Anniversary, Depend, Target – Veteran’s Day]

#43 Richard Petty Motorsports Team Schemes Page [Smithfield, Eckrich, Gwaltney, Farmland, U.S. Air Force, STP Gas Booster, STP, Smithfield R-W-B,, RainEater Wiper Blades, #41 Maurice Petty Tribute]

#44 Xxxtreme Motorsports Team Schemes Page [No Label Watches, JPO, Brabble]

#47 JTG Daughtery Racing Team Schemes Page [House-Autry Mills, Scott Products, Clorox, Kingsford, Bush’s Beans, Charter Communications (green/blue), Kroger/USO, Glad, Pine-Sol, Clorox 100th Anniversary, Charter (white), Scott’s win my car, Clorox/Wounded Warriors Project, Thanks Bobby Labonte]

#48 Hendrick Motorsports Team Schemes Page [Lowe’s, Kobalt Tools, Jimmie Johnson Foundation, Lowe’s Daytona Yellow, Lowe’s Dover White, Lowe’s Emerald, Lowe’s Patriotic, Lowe’s Monster Universtiy, Disney Planes]

#51 Phoenix Racing Team Schemes Page [Guy Roofing, Tag Hauer, Realtree,, Phoenix Construction, Pink & Yellow Bonnett, SeaWatch, Shooters Sporting Center, SEM, Brandt, Target,]

#52 Brian Keselowski Racing / Hamilton-Means Racing Team Schemes Page [Wreaths Across America,,, HASA Pool Products]

#55 Michael Waltrip Racing Team Schemes Page [Aaron’s Dream Machine: Martin, Waltrip, Vickers, University of Alabama Tribute, RK Motors, Jet Edge, University of Louisville Tribute, RK Motors Collector Car Auctions]

#56 Michael Waltrip Racing Team Schemes Page [NAPA Auto Parts, NAPA Filters, NAPA Brakes, NAPA Batteries]

#78 Furniture Row Team Schemes Page [Furniture Row Furniture, Beautyrest, Serta, Sealy, Denver Mattress, Furniture Row / Armed Forces Day, Wonder Bread]

#81 Joe Gibbs Racing Team Schemes Page [Alert Energy Gum, Doublemint Gum]

#83 BK Racing Team Schemes Page [Burger King/Dr. Pepper, Horizon]

#87 NEMCO Team Schemes Page [Maddie’s Place Rocks, Royal Teak, The Counselor Movie]

#88 Hendrick Motorsports Team Schemes Page [National Guard, Diet Mountain Dew, National Guard Camo, AMP Energy Active Orange, Amp Energy, Man of Steel, National Guard Youth Foundation, National Guard/Breast Cancer Awareness, Time Warner Cable, Mountain Dew / xbox One, apple-flavored AMP Energy Gold]

Paint Scheme Download Page Microsoft

#93 BK Racing Team Schemes Page [Burger King/Dr. Pepper, Dominion Raceway, Silver Dr. Pepper, New Rib Sandwich]

#95 Leavine Family Racing Team Schemes Page [DISH Network, Pirate, JTS-TrackingPoint, LFR logo, USA Flag on hood,]

#98 Phil Parsons Racing Team Schemes Page [K-Love, Ambient Edge AC, Bobby Bones Show, Blank, Victory Junction,]

Paint Scheme Download Page Template

#99 Roush Fenway Racing Team Schemes Page [Kellogg’s, Fastenal, UPS, Aflac, Subway, Frosted Flakes, Cheez-It, Geek Squad, Subway Aahvacado]