Nba Live 13

NBA Live 13 was the cancelled basketball installment in the NBA Live series, developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA). 1 The game was to be a reboot of the series and would be departing from previous entries, with the focus on an 'all-new experience that captures on the future of basketball'.

With Electronic Arts bringing back its dormant hoops franchise NBA Live, it's now a two-game race once again for hoops supremacy.

Nba Live 13

But, how close will this battle be? The reigning champion, NBA 2K, has dominated the field for a few years. Does NBA Live have any chance of taking the crown?

I got the chance to briefly check out both titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Here are some first impressions:

NBA Live 13. It's been a long road for EA's NBA series since it transitioned from the PlayStation 2 era to the Xbox 360 and PS3. The games reeked of bugs and other problems, forcing the publisher to bench NBA Live for the past two years.

  • NBA Live 13 is Electronic Arts' flagship professional basketball game. It is the first game in the NBA Live series released since 2010, and is designed to renew the franchise with new features and play options. Game features include the ability to adjust play/make adjustments on the fly with the 'Basketball IQ' feature, new engaging online.
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Under the watch of EA Tiburon, the studio behind Madden, NBA Live was rebuilt using fresh technology so players move and react more realistically.

Judging from the gameplay demo shown, players seem to exhibit more natural movements while on the court. Players don't get locked into animations, instead having the option to make a split-second decision when needed.

EA also worked with Synergy, a stat-tracking firm that helps shape the decision making of computer-controlled stars, accurately portraying their tendencies.

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The NBA Live 13 demo also reminded me how much better EA has been with visual details compared with 2K. Each player's face looks highly detailed. Developers say close to 100 hours were spent on each player's head to ensure they are re-created correctly.

Then again, graphics have never been an issue with NBA Live, but generating more fluid gameplay. So far, the franchise seems to have made a significant step.

NBA 2K13. Publisher 2K Sports offered only a quick demo of its next title, but it's looking as sharp as previous versions of the popular hoops series.

The big change this season is emphasis on defense. Players will have more tools for shutting down offensive powerhouses, although 2K would not explain how that would be executed.

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The most interesting element of the demo was the Slam Dunk Challenge tied to their All-Star Weekend download, available free to players who pre-order the game.

Nba Live 13 Gameplay

The contest basically turns dunking into a game of Guitar Hero. When players prepare to go up for a jam, a track appears on the right side of the screen with a series of button inputs. The more accurately players press these timed inputs, the better they'll do on their dunks.

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Overall, NBA 2K13 looks smooth, just like its predecessors. The key to this season is polishing the visuals and getting rid of those unusual bugs. Hopefully, with their rival back in action, NBA 2K steps up their game.