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The cute monkey in Monkey Kick Off is always proud of his shooting and kicking capacities. Today, he will prove about kicking the ball from his starting point to the monkey village. Do you think if he will do it successfully? Anyway, it’s necessary for him to receive your assistance. Engage in Monkey Kick Off and start it now! As seeing, the ball is being bounced by the monkey, and the players’ task is to shoot it as far as possible for more points. Especially, there is no upgrade or power-up here, so everything depends on your sharp eyes and clever fingers. The monkey village seems too far from the protagonist. Therefore, let’s exactly aim and kick the ball ahead so that it gets power enough to fly to the destination. By the way, submit your high score after you gain it. Good luck!

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Web browsers have announced they will no longer support Adobe Flash after December 31. Therefore, flash games like this will not work. Great news, MSN Games has hundreds of games just l. Monkey’s goal: shoot the coconut to his friends in Monkey Village—4,000 Monkey Meters away. To get it there, time your kick just right! Connect kick with coconut especially well and you might reach. Showing how to score over 5,000 points in MKO. Play the game here: is the place to satisfy your online game play cravings. Enjoy a large variety of fun online games from addicting games and arcade games to shooting games. From Mario 2 to Zelda, we have something for everyone. All of our fun flash games are free to play also, so play as many as you want! All of these games are absolutely free. Description: Cool Math Monkey Kick Off is a very exciting online game. Your mission is to help the monkey shoot his ball as far as you can. The distance that you obtain is important so as to break the record.

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Use the left mouse to play Monkey Kick Off.


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