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Based on the heartwarming MGM film, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS is a rare treasure in the musical theatre; a wholesome and delightful portrait of a turn-of-the-century American family. It is the summer of 1903, and the Smith family eagerly anticipates the opening of the 1904 World’s Fair. Louis are a post-hardcore band from Guildford, Surrey, formed in 2005. They were signed to Function Records & BSM Records in England and Denovali Records in Germany, the band's name originates from the 1944 film of the same name.

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Behind the Scenes:

Do you wonder what it’s like behind the green screens of our Performances on Screen? Read this article in The New York Times from cast member Melissa Errico about her experiences “making a Meet Me in St. Louis where no one ever meets.”

Watch the ninth episode of Melissa Errico‘s Instagram series “How Do We Go On Singing,” in which she talks to fellow cast member Shereen Ahmed about her career of art and activism, as well as the two actresses’ experiences playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

Meet Me In St Louis Downloadelementsyellow

What to Listen to:

Settle in with the music of Meet Me in St. Louis and listen to the Original Broadway Cast Album, featuring our Co-Founder and Artistic Director Charlotte Moore as Anna Smith. Hear her on “Wasn’t It Fun!”

Episode 70 of Jim and Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour, “Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Podcast,” is all about Meet Me in St. Louis and its many iterations.

What to Watch:

Watch our director, Charlotte Moore; our music director, John Bell; and our Anna, Melissa Errico, in “Meet the Musical Makers” from our #IRTMeetTheMakers series.

The classic 1944 film, starring Judy Garland, is available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

The World’s Greatest Fair offers an exploration of the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, complete with images, footage, and interviews.

What to Read:

Read Sally Benson‘s Meet Me in St. Louis (or The Kensington Stories), on which the movie and stage production are based!

MGM’s Greatest Musicals takes you behind-the-scenes of Arthur Freed‘s host of classic movie-musicals, including Meet Me in St. Louis.

Traverse the 1904 World’s Fair in this photo-filled article from The Atlantic.

The Judy Room‘s Meet Me in St. Louis page has everything you could ever want to know about the 1944 film, including a timeline and photos!

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What to Eat and Drink:

“If you believe the popular tales, more new American foods were invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, than during any other single event in history. The list includes the hamburger, the hot dog, peanut butter, iced tea, the club sandwich, cotton candy, and the ice cream cone, to name just a few.”

As you cozy up to watch Meet Me in St. Louis, enjoy these Irish spins on foods from the 1904 World’s Fair:

The Irish Burger is complete with a Jameson glaze and Guinness-caramelized onions. Yes, please!

We all know Irish coffee, but have you ever had Irish iced tea? Grab some Jameson for a refreshing showtime cocktail.

Nothing says the holiday season quite like mulled wine. Try out this recipe from The Irish Countrywomen’s Association.

Meet Me In St Louis Street

Whip up some corned beef and cabbage to share a meal with the Smith family while you watch Meet Me in St. Louis!

Meet Saint Louis

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