Lync For Mac Manual

  1. Lync 2013 For Mac
Lync For Mac Manual

Pdf excel converter free download. Steps to Configure Microsoft Lync for Mac Double-click on Lync icon from your Application folder or tool bar. Click Advanced on the bottom of the Sign In box. Lync – Voicemail can be retrieved from the Lync client by selecting the phone tab. To play the voicemail hover over the left hand side of the message and then select the play button: You can also call your voicemail box using the voicemail options menu: Dial-in – You can dial in using any phone to the dial-in access number. Known issues for Mac customers using the CX300 phone: no dial‐tone phone will not ring when status is set to Busy when ending a call, the call might be put on Hold For information on using Lync, see UIT document Using Lync for Macintosh. Mac lync manual configuration is nearby in our digital library an online entry to it is set as public thus you can download it instantly. Our digital library saves in combination countries, allowing you to get the most less latency period to download any of our books with this one. Microsoft Lync is the new rich client for Lync users on the Mac platform and offers integrated functionality for instant messaging, presence, conferencing and voice. Lync for Mac is designed to work with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Online to help you.


Lync 2013 For Mac

  1. Log into the Outlook Web App portal at with your username ( and CampusID password.
  2. Once you are logged in, it will open to the Outlook Web Access for your email account. Select the gear in the right corner.
  3. Select 'Office 365 Settings.'
  4. Select 'Software.'
  5. Select 'Lync.'
  6. Select 'Install.'
  7. Once downloaded, select 'Lync Installer.'
  8. When the initial install window pops up, select 'Continue.'
  9. When the Software License Agreement window pops up, select 'Continue.'
  10. 'Agree' to the terms.
  11. Select 'Install.'
  12. Enter your computer username and password.
  13. Package scripts will begin to run.
  14. Once installation is successful, select 'Close.'
  15. Once the install is complete, go back to the software page and select 'Install update.'
  16. Select 'Download.'
  17. The downloading process will begin automatically.
  18. Once the download is done, open the file.
  19. Open the 'Lync Installer.'
  20. Once the 'Install Microsoft Lync for Mac' window pops up, select 'Continue.'
  21. When the Software License Agreement window pops up, select 'Continue.'
  22. 'Agree' to the terms.
  23. Select 'Install.'
  24. Enter your computer username and password.
  25. It will automatically start writing the files.
  26. Once the installations was successful, select 'Close.'
  27. Open 'Lync for Mac.'
  28. Enter login credentials for Microsoft Lync.
    Email Address:
    Sign in as: This is user preference.
    User ID:
    Password: CampusID password
    Select 'Sign In.'
  29. Successful installation. Note that when a user adds you as a Lync Contact, the notification may display the of the person requesting to be added on your contact list.
  30. If you would like to identify this person before selecting 'OK,' in the Search box of Lync type the w+ID# that is in the request then it will display the users first and last name as well as job title for you to see who it is before you select 'OK' to accept them into your Lync Contacts.