Introducing Collaborative Website Editing

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Introducing collaborative website editing apps
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A beautifully simple web app, Ideaflip is perfect for group brainstorming and individual ideas, and offers a great way to compose, collect and clarify your ideas. With this collaboration tool, it's free for guests to view and contribute to boards, but to create a board yourself, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan. An online collaboration tool enables a more coordinated workflow by providing a unified collaborative platform for team discussion, file sharing, online storage for documentation, task assignments, and real-time project collaboration. At their heart, collaboration tools are all about aligning people. Collaboration software comes in many forms. Collaborative video editing made simple. Work together smoothly and securely on shared sequences and compositions. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise customer, Team Projects is already built right into your favorite video apps.

Collaborative editing is a very important part of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). Nowadays, there are endless stream of relevant systems coming out, but most of which have certain limitations in practice and generality. This paper proposes a simple collaborative document editing system solution, introducing system design and technical implementation of the module in detail. By using CKEditor as a core module, a Web-based collaborative editing subsystem is designed and implemented. And this system has been integrated LAMOST Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Cyberlab (LASAC) as a subsystem and proved to be successful.

Introducing collaborative website editing proofreading

Introducing Collaborative Website Editing Softwares

CKEditor, Collaborative Edit, Cooperative Work, CSCW, Web

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Introducing collaborative website editing software

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Introducing Collaborative Website Editing Apps

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Introducing Collaborative Website Editing Proofreading

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