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ResponseSystems International, Ltd (R-S-I) was formed in 2014 to provide direct support to the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region. R-S-I is headquartered in AbuDhabi, UAE. R-S-I’s global business model expands off of its forerunner company; Response Systems Incorporated, a Physician led disaster preparedness and response firm with offices across the United States. In a world of evolving threats both natural and man-made along with terrorism, the Subject MatterExpert (SME) model that R-S-I deploys remains in full demand. R-S-I, Ltd expands that SME accessibility across multiple response disciplines offering five robust divisions each with its own centric focus and global expert consultants.

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Over the last few years, R-S-I has won highly competitive contracts with MENA public, private, and government agencies again proving its ability to secure highly specialized subject matter experts to match the specific requirements of our clients. Stellar phoenix pst file splitter serial key. Whether it be medical, civil defense, military, law enforcement, fire or emergency management practice, we routinely collect and engage the leading disaster experts, now globally, to assist our core team on a project by project basis. The world is one global village with connections like a root system. R-S-I is one of the first to take advantage of the world marketplace, leveraging our successful business strategies of lean organization and nimble responsiveness to provide the top experts at competitive pricing models.

International responsemac

R-S-I is well experienced in leading strategic planning sessions in a multi-stakeholder collaborative environment to quickly gain consensus direction on the toughest public safety, business continuity, disaster management including catastrophic planning and response.

R-S-I executes its projects one by one with a custom approach to each client. Our core staff oversees all work by way of strong project management skill sets and strict adherence to leading best practices in the industry. Our team is highly experienced in government program building doctrine including cyclical based planning and US Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology. Wet ake advantage of leading technology in the industry to specialized and custom software to automate and streamline many tedious tasks within the event planning cycle yet deploy leading SME’s to make the actual collaborative events robust and of highest impact.

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Response Systems or R-S-I is a team of leading global subject matter experts in emergency preparedness with significant real life disaster response experience and successful growing portfolio of public and private program building.

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R-S-I has many trusted partners to help meet your goals