Installing Oracle 12c On Windows

Oracle SOA 12c is the Oracle Fusion Middleware Product from Oracle technologies. Oracle provides the Oracle SOA Suite 12c quickstart installer for the learning and evaluation purpose. The blog provides the SOA 12c step by step installation process on Windows 10 for the beginners. The complete list of SOA 12c Hardware and Software requirements can be referred on the Oracle Link Oracle SOA 12c Certification Matrix under the section Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Certifications -> System Requirements and Supported Platforms for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (

  1. Installing Oracle Forms 12c On Windows
  2. Install Oracle 12c On Windows 7 32 Bit
  3. Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 7
  4. Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10 Step By Step
  5. Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 10
  6. Install Oracle 12c On Windows 2016
  7. Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10

Software requirements for SOA 12c installation:

Oracle client for Windows you could download from Oracle website. For installation we need only With 64 bit client, not works programms like PL/SQL Developer. That is the reason why we will setup 32 bit client. Prepare environment. Before we need to install additional library. Downloading software from eDelivery versus Using a Windows Built-in Account to own the Oracle Software (more like 11g) instead of using an Oracle Home User (new in 12c). Running the software installation alone, followed up by the Database Configuration Assistant, instead of one fell swoop.

  1. Download JDK 1.8 from the Oracle Java download link Oracle JDK1.8 download Windows X64 and install on your local machine.
  2. Set up the JAVA_HOME in the Environment Variables.
  3. Install Oracle 12c Database from the Oracle site link Oracle 12c Database Download
  4. Ensure that Oracle SOA 12c quickstart is currently supported for Windows 64 bit and thus need to be installed on Windows 7 / Windows 10 64-bit machines only.
  5. Download the SOA12c from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud Oracle SOA 12c Download Link

Download and for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( SOA Quick Start for (Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) using the Oracle Download Manager.

Hardware requirements for SOA 12c installation:

Hardware Requirement Memory AllocationSOA Server3 GB (Minimum)OSB Server3 GB (Minimum)Weblogic Server3 GB (Minimum)Operating System and Other Software3 GBSwap Memory2 GBTemp Memory3 GB to 5 GBRAMOracle4 GB (Minimum) , recommended 8 GB

SOA 12c Installation Process with Screenshots:

Open the Command Prompt and Run it as Administrator

Open the folder where quick start installer are being downloaded and extracted

Execute the below command in the Command Prompt


The Installer opens the SOA 12c quickstart installation window

Skip the Auto Update Screen

Enter the directory location for the SOA 12c Installation

The next screen provides the Installation pre-requisite check performed

The below screen provides the SOA 12c Installation summary details

Installing Oracle Forms 12c On Windows

Installation Progress Screen

Installation Completion Screen


JDeveloper 12c SDK Extension Update

Download drive detective torrentsoftrareabcsoft. Open the Installed JDeveloper and click Help-> Check for Updates. The latest available updates are shown.

Click Next and Select the SDK Extensions for the JDeveloper

Click Next and then Finish to get the updates installed for JDeveloper. You might need Restart for the JDeveloper get the changes reflected.

How to Install Oracle XE 18c Database

Perform the steps provided in the below given blog for Oracle XE 18c Database Installation Oracle XE 18c Installation Steps

Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

The repository creation utility (RCU) is provided to CREATE the SOA Schema which is consumed by the SOA Services. The SOA Composite details will be residing in this schema. The SOA 12c installer provides the RCU Windows batch program to install the SOA Schema. The below given is the step by step installation process for RCU.

Pre-requisites for the RCU

  1. Supported Database should be installed in your local machine
  2. 4 GB Memory allocation required for Oracle Database
  3. SOA12c Software Installation is completed in your local machine

Navigate to the SOA Directory at the below given path and execute the Config batch in the command prompt as Administrator.

The Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Welcome Screen is opened


Select the RCU Creation Type

Enter the Oracle Database Connection details

Install Oracle 12c On Windows 7 32 Bit

Select the SOA Component that need to be installed using RCU

RCU Tablespace Mapping Verification Screen.

RCU Schema and Tablespace Summary Screen

RCU Successful Completion Screen

Oracle SOA Suite 12c quickstart installation guide



    This tutorial shows you how to install the Oracle Database 12c software on Microsoft Windows along with a default instance of an Oracle Database that contains example schemas ( including the HR schema).

    Time to Complete

    Approximately 1 hour.


    The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) is used to install the Oracle Database software. OUI is a graphical user interface utility that enables you to:

    • View the Oracle software that is installed on your machine
    • Install new Oracle Database software
    • Delete Oracle software that is no longer required

    During the installation process, OUI will start the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) which can install a precreated default database that contains example schemas or can guide you through the process of creating and configuring a customized database.
    If you do not create a database during installation, you can invoke DBCA after you have installed the software, to create one or more databases.

    Hardware and Software Requirements

    Before installing the software, OUI performs several automated checks to ensure that your computer fulfills the basic hardware and software requirements for an Oracle Database installation. If your computer does not meet the requirements, an error message is displayed. Some of the requirements to install the software are:

    • Minimum 2 GB of physical memory
    • Sufficient virtual memory (swap)
    • At least 10 GB of free disk space


    Before starting this tutorial, you should:

    • Have access to the Oracle Database 12c distribution media, or have an internet connection so that you can download the software
    • Have general knowledge of product installation

Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 7

Downloading the Oracle Database Software

    In this section, you will be downloading the files required to install Oracle database on a Windows environment.

Installing the Oracle Database Software

    In this section, you will be installing the Oracle Database and creating an Oracle Home User account.

Verifying the Installation

    In this section, you will be performing steps to verify the installation of Oracle Database. If you had changed the default location to install the database, make sure to specify the correct location of the files in the following steps. Alternatively, you can also perform a quick search using the Windows Start Menu to locate files.

    View Oracle Services

    View Oracle Home on the File System

    View the tnsnames.ora File

Connecting to Oracle Database Using SQL*Plus

    In this section, you will be connecting to the pluggable database using the SQL*Plus utility.

Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10 Step By Step


Installing Oracle 12c On Windows 10

    In this tutorial, you have learned how to:

    • Download the Oracle database software
    • Install the Oracle database software in a Windows environment
    • Create a database containing example schemas
    • Verify the database installation
    • Connect to an Oracle instance using the SQL*Plus utility
    • Unlock and query the HR schema


    • An Oracle White Paper entitled Introducing the Oracle Home User in Oracle Database 12c for Microsoft Windows
    • The documentation entitled Oracle┬« Database Installation Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1) for Microsoft Windows


    • Lead Curriculum Developer: Supriya Ananth
    • Other Contributors: Christian Shay

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Install Oracle 12c On Windows 2016

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Install Oracle 12c On Windows 10

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