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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf is an action-shooter helicopter game created by Electronic Arts and released in 1992 for the Mega Drive, Genesis, SNES and ported to Amiga in 1993.

Year: 1993Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2020-01-18Tags: birds-eye viewgenesis original gamehelicopterisometricmiddle eastmilitarymulti-directionalshoot em upwar


Silkworm is a side scrolling shooter arcade, developed by Tecmo and released initially in 1988. In 1989 the game was ported to Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum by Random Access.

Year: 1989Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2019-07-07Tags: 2 playersarcadeco-ophelicoptermultiplayerscience fictionshoot em upside-scrolling

Play helicopter games at Y8.com. Pilot your chopper in an exciting rescue mission or fly a deadly black hawk helicopter in the desert to hunt for terrorists. Master one of the most challenging flying machines and you will be able to out maneuver many planes giving you a strategic advantage.

  • Helicopter Game - Lift the copter by clicking and avoide crashing in this addictive tunnel tour game. The idea of the helicopter was first conceived by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century.
  • Helicopter Game is a classic game of balance and timing. So, you think you can fly? Well, don't be so sure! It gets pretty hairy up there, once you're fighting gravity and dealing with an X and a Y axis you might just realize that flying is for the birds.

Comanche: Maximum Overkill


Comanche: Maximum Overkill is the first game of a series of flight sims created by NovaLogic. Published in 1992 for DOS only, the main feature is the usage of the NovaLogic's Voxel..

Year: 1992Genre: SimulationUpdated: 2020-12-02Tags: flightflight simhelicoptervehicular combat simulatorvoxel


S.W.I.V. is a top-down shooter for 1 or 2 players created by Random Access and published by The Sales Curve in 1991 for the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and other platforms.


Year: 1991Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2020-06-25Tags: 2 players2damiga original gameco-ophelicoptertop-down

Gunship 2000

Gunship 2000 is a helicopter combat flight simulator created by MicroProse as a sequel to Gunship. Available vehicles include the AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, MD 530MG and UH-60 Blackhawk.

Year: 1993Genre: SimulationUpdated: 2020-07-25Tags: agaamiga cd32flighthelicoptertransportvehicular combat simulator

Jungle Strike

Jungle Strike is an action/shooter game with strategy elements created by Electronic Arts originally for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The game is the sequel to Desert Strike, the ..

Helicopter Game Download For Pc

Year: 1993Genre: ActionUpdated: 2020-06-29Tags: flightgenesis original gamehelicopterjunglemulti-directionalshoot em up


Jetstrike is an arcade shooter created by Shadow Software and published in 1994 by Rasputin for the Amiga and Amiga CD32. The authors of the game - Aaron and Adam Fothergill - had..

Helicopter Game&& Try The Games

Year: 1994Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2020-08-21Tags: agaamiga original gameamosaviationflighthelicoptermulti-directionalshoot em upwar

LHX: Attack Chopper

LHX Attack Chopper is a 1990 war helicopter simulation game developed and published by Electronic Arts.

Year: 1990Genre: SimulationUpdated: 2020-12-02Tags: helicoptervehicular combat simulator

007: Licence to Kill

007: Licence to Kill is an arcade shooter developed by Quixel and published by Domark limited in December 1989. The game is based off the hit James Bond movie of the same name, and it follows through with the movie plot.

Year: 1989Genre: ActionUpdated: 2020-02-17Tags: espionageham modehelicopterlicensedmoviesmulti-typenavalshoot em upspywatercraft


Hunter is a 3D action adventure created by Paul Holmes and published by Activision in 1991 for the Amiga and Atari ST. It is considered the first successful example of 'sandbox' video game based on free roaming in a 3d environment.

Year: 1991Genre: ActionUpdated: 2019-07-19Tags: 3damiga original gamehelicopternavalsandboxshoot em uptankvirtual worldwatercraft


Armour-Geddon is a post-apocalyptic 3D strategy/simulation game created by Psygnosis and released for Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS in 1991. The game is a mix of strategy and 3D vehicle simulation.

Year: 1991Genre: SimulationUpdated: 2019-10-05Tags: 2 players3daction strategyflightflight simhelicoptertankvehicle simulator

Thunder Blade

Download accelerator for internet explorer xp. Thunder Blade is an arcade released by Sega originally in 1987 where the player has to control an helicopter, the Gunship Gladiator, to destroy all enemies using guns and missiles and defeat the dictator.

Year: 1988Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2019-07-17Tags: arcadeflighthelicoptershoot em uptransport


Zeewolf is a 3D helicopter shooter developed and published by Binary Asylum in 1994 for the Amiga. It was the premier game for Binary Asylum and was a success for the company. The..

Helicopter Game Download

Year: 1994Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2019-07-17Tags: amiga original gamearcadeflighthelicoptershoot em upvehicular combat simulator

Raid on Bungeling Bay

Raid on Bungeling Bay is a helicopter shooter game created by Will Wright for the Commodore 64 and published by Broderbund in 1984. The game was also ported to the NES and MSX (apparently, there was also a coin-up in Japan).

Year: 1984Genre: ShooterUpdated: 2020-02-20Tags: commodore 64flighthelicoptermulti-directionalshoot em uptop-down