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Heart Healthy Partyteach To Be Happy Day

Heart Healthy Partyteach To Be Happy

Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and other tree nuts deliver a powerful punch of heart-healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Including them in your diet can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Make Sure to Eat Plenty of Veggies and Fruits. As mentioned above, you have got to get at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day in order to stay healthy. These food items come chock full of fiber, nutrients, and minerals that are all necessary for a happy heart. Cut Down on The Salt in Your Diet. Being happy promotes a range of lifestyle habits that are important for overall health. Happy people tend to eat healthier diets, with higher intakes of fruits, vegetables and whole grains (1, 2). This is one of my favorite happy and healthy tips. I LOVE being outside and love few things more than sunshine. I also enjoy taking care of myself physically, mostly because it makes me feel so good. There are studies that show that spending just a few minutes outside in the fresh air everyday can increase your energy, motivation, and mood.

Heart healthy partyteach to be happy meal

Heart Healthy Partyteach To Be Happy Birthday

Heart healthy partyteach to be happy birthday

“The less I thought the more I felt through the heart and the more I achieved.”
“Feel the essence of what it means.” When you are inspired by something it lives with you for the rest of your life. Don’t let your thinking dominate and taint the essence of the message.
this form of thinking is opposite to the social story that we’ve been told that what you are is judged by what you know and/or what you do.
“The only thing I remember of people is their contribution.” What you know does not make a difference. It is what you do that makes a difference.
“Speak from your own experience and depth of knowledge.” To get to that, you have to forget everything you know and live in the present and be receptive to that.”
Rules for Being an Effective, Happy, Successful, and a Healthy Human Being
You have to be authentic. Not about externalizing authenticity (not about how others perceive you as) it’s about internalizing your own authenticity (what you perceive yourself to be).
There is not an absolute truth. Truth is an evolutionary process that continues to develop when we become more and more conscious, growing to where we originally were most conscious- at the time of conception. You only have the capacity to be capable of what you are able to remedy. The symptom of authenticity is truth. But ultimately there is no absolute truth. [What an illusion]. Be more interested in truth than impression. You must be so endowed with your existence, that you’re willing to say whatever comes to mind. Speak from your heart, rather than your head. Everything you’ve been taught is completely wrong- we’ve been taught to be pretentious assholes, rather than to be excessively who you are because that’s the right thing to be. “If you are not happy, you are not fulfilled, if you’re not productive, why are you alive?” To learn?.. We must contribute to be fully fulfilled. “EGO is the lack of heart.” “Ego is the pretender…. Either you’re authentic or you’re the actor.” If you’re not authentic, it’s easy to forget truth.
Never ever think any issue cannot be dealt with successfully by you.
If you’re not having fun, you’re not fulfilled. Being AUTHENTIC comes from the heart. The head has a little significance, because you don’t want to be an idiot. Rational quantitative and qualitative thinking must balance the head and the heart. Must be brave. Because everyone else is going to tell you that you’re wrong, and that once you start becoming very happy and confident, people will tell you that you’re vain. People will not be happy seeing you so confident and happy, when they are in pain and have been hearing social stories of negativity. I don’t know anyone that wasn’t happy, fulfilled, and productive that didn’t get a whole load of crap from heartless, unhappy people. You are a self-fulfilling entity. Heart-felt people that are fulfilling their existence and attract like-minded people and these people are changing the world. Cerebral people and disconnected people are perpetuating the negativity (racism, judgment, classism… etc.) that is hurting the world. If you’re happy, you want everyone to be happy. Help people express themselves in the way that they feel best. “The other 99% of people who are manipulating greatness for their own good, are doing this because they are searching for matter and not for self.” These people are working at a low level of heart. The hardest thing to get in the world is your self, if you don’t like yourself. “Why don’t you trust yourself? Think of all the mess you’ve pulled off? You know why? When your core self is not there, you’re playing the game that they tell you to play….” And you’re following the societal rules. Indeed, obey them, as long as you don’t take them seriously.
“If you are not authentic it is easy to forget truth!”

Transcribed Tonamy & Tommy from lecture notes of Brian Clement's Lecture at Hippocrates on March 11, 2013