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Fast Progress Using Educational Quizzes

These quizzes provide an ideal way to help children progress quickly during their elementary school education. At the ages of 7 to 10 (Grades 3, 4 and 5) the children develop a thirst for learning and a little extra work at home can help them fully understand the subjects they are being taught in the classroom.

Parents tell us that the most important reasons for them using the website are as follows: is a kids website that features over 10,000 online and printable activities including over 400 games, tutorials, simulations, videos, interactive maps, research tools, and much more for kids ages 5-14. 4th grade classroom. The 2017-2018 school year will be one of your very best. On this website you will find information about our class and important policies that make our year run smoother. Regan's Educational Website. Homepage Classes Clever Resources Games Homework Due Friday 6/3 Complete Percents Review Skip #26 - 28 Homework Due Thursday 6/2.

  1. Interactive quizzes are more enjoyable than text books so children are happy to study for longer periods
  2. The quizzes break-up the school subjects into bite-sized portions so they are taught without confusion
  3. The teachers who write the quizzes understand the problem areas and provide comments after each question to help remember the key points
  4. In the age of computers, iphones and ipads, the quizzes are the easiest, quickest and most fun way to learn a subject.

Support from Parents


Playing educational quizzes together is an excellent way for parents to support their children at this crucial stage. As well as accelerating the education of their children it is also great fun.

Subscribers to the website enjoy automatic recording (date played and score achieved) of all quizzes played and real-time, downloadable reports are constantly available. Parents can use these reports to see if there are any gaps in the child’s understanding of English, Maths and Science as well as numerous other subjects. This in turn allows quiz-playing time to be focussed on areas of difficulty.

Each quiz can be played as many times as you like and children are sure to be motivated when they see they have just beaten their previous score!

Material Written by Teachers

Our Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 quizzes have been written by teachers accustomed to teaching children of pre-teenage years. The teachers understand the areas where students experience the greatest difficulty and each 10-question-quiz addresses a specific topic within the subject area.

Parents are often mystified about the scope of the subjects being taught at school. Do children need to know about Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs at this age? How deep an understanding of Mathematical Fractions is needed during Elementary education? Our teachers make sure that the quizzes are all “age-appropriate” so parents as well as children learn what is expected.

Children who progress quickly through this stage of education will benefit from looking through our sections for Middle School pupils so that they get a head start in the curriculums that lie ahead. Remember that one monthly subscription provides access for your entire family and all the many thousands of quizzes on the site.

Affordable Subscription

Best of all, the entire package is easily affordable – only $12.50 per month and you can cancel at any time, even during the first month.

We are not afraid to say that not all children respond to learning in this new, interactive way. However, we can positively say that for many children who enjoy the format, it often quickens their learning beyond all recognition.

Why not try a subscription and see how it fits-in with your child’s needs? You can join here.

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Grade 5 Popular Topics
Numbers IntegersDecimals
Coordinate GraphsStatisticsNumber Patterns
RatiosTimeMath Worksheets

In these lessons, we will learn numbers, integers, decimals, geometry, fractions &mixed numbers, algebra, coordinate graphs, statistics, number patterns, ratios, proportions& percents, consumer math and time.


Grade 5mr. Regan's Educational Website Examples

  • Review Numbers

    Review numbers from grade 3
    Place values, Roman Numerals, Rounding, Even and odd numbers
    Review numbers from grade 4
    Multiplication and division
    Expanded Form
    Review how to write numbers in expanded form

  • Lessons On Exponents

    Meaning of Exponents
    Exponent Worksheets
    Select your own range for the base and exponent to practice

Scientific Notation

  • Scientific Notation

    Multiply by powers of Ten
    Divide by powers of Ten
    Scientific Notation and Standard Notation
    What is scientific notation? Converting between scientific and standard notations.
    Multiply by 10, 100, 1000
    Worksheets to help you practice multiplying by powers of ten
    Divide by 10, 100, 1000
    Worksheets to help you practice dividing by powers of ten
    King Kong Scientific Notation Game
    Escape King Kong by correctly answering these scientific notation questions

Number Theory

  • Lessons On Number Theory

    Lessons on Number TheoryReview Prime Numbers & Composite Numbers
    Prime Factorization
    Divisibility Rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
    Find Greatest Common Factor
    (Listing factors)
    Find Greatest Common Factor
    (Factor Trees)
    LCM or LCD
    Least Common Multiple or Least Common Denominator

  • Number Worksheets & Games

    Greatest Common Factor 1 (GCF or HCF)
    Greatest Common Factor 2
    Least Common Multiple 1 (LCM or LCD)
    Least Common Multiple 2
    Word Problems (GCF or LCM)
    Factor Games
    Lots of games to practice finding factors and multiples


  • Lessons On Integers

    Understanding Integers
    What are integers? Integers and non-integers
    Compare and order integers on the number line


  • Lessons On Decimals

    Review Decimals from Grade 4
    Decimal Place Values, Add and Subtract Decimals
    Understanding Decimals
    Model Decimals, Write Decimals in Expanded Form
    Decimals on a Number Line
    Compare and Order Decimals
    Compare Decimals 1
    Compare Decimals 2
    Rounding Decimals 1
    Rounding Decimals 2
    Convert between Decimals and Fractions
    Convert Decimals to Mixed Numbers
    Expanded Notation
    Multiply Decimals by powers of 10
    Multiply Decimals 1
    Multiply Decimals 2
    Divide Decimals by powers of 10
    Divide Decimals 1
    Divide Decimals 2

  • Decimal Worksheets

    Compare Decimals
    Ordering Decimals
    Compare Decimals: up to tenths
    Compare Decimals: up to hundredths
    Rounding Decimals: nearest ones
    Rounding Decimals: nearest tenths
    Rounding Decimals: nearest hundredths
    Rounding Decimals: mixed
    Decimals to Fractions
    Decimals to Mixed Numbers
    Fractions to Decimals
    (denominators 10, 100, 1,000)
    Mixed Numbers to Decimals
    (denominators 10, 100, 1,000)
    Fractions to Decimals
    (using division)
    Multiply Decimals by 10, 100, 1,000
    Multiply Decimals by Whole Number
    (up to tenths)
    Multiply Decimals by Whole Number
    (up to hundredths)
    Multiply Decimals by Decimals
    (1 decimal place × 1 decimal place)
    Multiply Decimals by Decimals
    (2 decimal places × 1 decimal place)
    Multiply Decimals by Decimals
    (3 decimal places × 1 decimal place)
    Multiply Decimals by Decimals
    (2 decimal places × 2 decimal places)
    Divide Decimals
    (by 10, 100, 1,000)
    Divide Decimals by Whole Number
    (1 decimal place ÷ 1 digit)
    Divide Decimals by Whole Number
    (2 decimal places ÷ 1 digit)
    Divide Decimals by Decimals
    (1 decimal place ÷ 1 decimal place)
    Divide Decimals by Decimals
    (2 decimal places ÷ 1 decimal place)


  • Lessons On Geometry

    Review Geometry from Grade 4
    Line and Rotational Symmetry, Types of Angles and measuring angles, Perimeter and Area ofRectangles, Area and Circumference of Circles, Volume of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms, Netsof Solid Shapes, Types of Lines
    Reflections (flips), Translations (slides) and Rotations (turns)
    Lines of Symmetry
    Identify and find the number of lines of symmetry of a shape
    Properties of Quadrilaterals
    Classifying Quadrilaterals
    Perimeter of Rectangles
    Area of Squares
    Area of Rectangles
    Area of Parallelograms
    Area of Triangles 1
    Area of Triangles 2
    Area of Trapezoids
    Area & Perimeter of Irregular Polygons
    Area & Perimeter of Complex Figures
    Effects of Changing Dimensions on Area & Perimeter
    Understanding Volume
    Surface area of Cubes & Rectangular Prisms
    Find Missing Angle in a Triangle
    Find Missing Angle in a Parallelogram

  • Geometry Worksheets & Games

    Area & Perimeter of Rectangles
    Area & Perimeter of Rectangles
    Area & Perimeter of Rectangles
    Area & Perimeter of Parallelogram
    Area of Triangle
    Area of Parallelograms
    Area of Parallelograms
    Area of Triangle & Parallelogram
    Area of Trapezoid
    Area of Trapezoid
    Area of Shapes
    Area of Shaded Region
    (rectangles & triangles)
    Area & Perimeter Game
    Geometry & measure.
    Shape Excavator Game
    Calculate the perimeter & area of a rectangle.
    Geometry Game
    More Geometry Games

Fractions & Mixed Numbers

  • Lessons On Fractions

    Review Fractions from Grade 4
    Compare fractions, Improper fractions, Mixed Numbers, Add & Subtract Fractions
    Compare Like Fractions
    Compare Unlike Fractions
    (Using LCD)
    Compare Unlike Fractions
    (Using Cross Multiplication)
    Add Fractions with unlike denominators
    Subtract Fractions with unlike denominators
    Multiply Fractions 1
    Multiply Fractions 2
    Multiply Fractions 3
    Divide Fractions 1
    Divide Fractions 2
    Convert between improper fractions
    & mixed numbers
    Add Mixed Numbers
    (Like denominators)
    Add Mixed Numbers
    (Unlike denominators)
    Add Mixed Numbers
    (Unlike denominators)
    Subtract Mixed Numbers
    (Like denominators)
    Subtract Mixed Numbers
    (Regrouping or borrowing)
    Subtract Mixed Numbers
    (Unlike denominators)
    Subtract Mixed Numbers
    (Unlike denominators)
    Multiply Mixed Numbers
    Divide Mixed Numbers
    Fraction Word Problems
    Fraction Word Problems

  • Fraction Worksheets & Games

    Add Mixed Numbers
    Subtract Mixed Numbers
    Multiply Fractions with Fractions
    Multiply Fractions with Whole Numbers
    Multiply Fractions & Mixed Numbers
    Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions
    Divide Fractions by Whole Numbers
    Divide Fractions by Fractions
    Divide Fractions & Mixed Numbers
    Fraction Word Problems
    Add & Subtract Fractions
    Fraction Word Problems
    Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers (1-Step)
    Fraction Word Problems
    Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers (2-Step)
    Fraction Word Problems
    Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers (2-Step)
    Fraction Games
    Fraction and Decimal games for different grades.
    Subtract Fractions & Mixed Numbers Jeopardy
    A jeopardy game to test your fraction & mixed number skills
    Fraction Games
    More fraction games to improve your math skills


  • Lessons On Algebra

    Variable & Algebraic Expressions
    Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
    Word Phrases to Algebraic Expressions
    Function Tables & Equations
    Input Output Tables
    Solving 1-Step Equations
    (Addition & Subtraction)
    Solving 1-Step Equations
    (Multiplication & Division)

  • Algebra Word Problems & Games

    Introduction to Word Problems
    Word Problems involving Addition
    Word Problems involving Subtraction
    Word Problems involving Multiplication
    Word Problems involving Division
    Assorted Word Problems
    Words to Algebra Game
    Match statements with their equivalent algebraic expressions.
    Algebra Games
    More Algebra games to improve your math skills

Coordinate Graphs

  • Lessons On Coordinate Graphs

    Coordinate Graphs
    Locate & plot a point on a coordinate graph (positive values)
    Coordinate System
    Introduction of coordinate system (positive & negative values).Plotting points on the coordinate plane.
    Grid Game (xy-coordinates)
    Pass your driving test! Park the car at the given xy-coordinates by clicking on the arrows.Don’t bump into anything.
    Coordinate Grid Games


Grade 5mr. Regan's Educational Website Builder


  • Lessons On Statistics

    Mean, Median, Mode, Range
    Mean, Median, Mode, Range
    Line Graphs
    Data & Double Bar Graphs
    Bar Graphs
    Double Bar Graphs
    Pie Graphs or Circle Graphs
    Line Plots
    Stem and Leaf Plots
    Tally Charts & Frequency Tables

  • Statistics Worksheets

    Mean, Median & Mode 1
    Mean, Median & Mode 2
    Statistics Games
    Games that will help you learn more about mean,media, mode, range & the differenttypes of graphs

Number Patterns

  • Lessons On Number Patterns

    Number Pattern
    Learn about number pattern. Arithmetic, geometric & other sequences.
    Number Patterns: Multiplication
    Number Patterns: Division
    Ordering & Sequencing Numbers Games

Ratios, Proportions & Percents

  • Lessons On Ratios & Rates

    Introduction to ratios
    Equivalent Ratios
    Ratio, Proportions & Missing Terms
    Ratio Tables
    Ratio tables & proportions
    Ratio Word Problems
    Unit Rates
    Equivalent Rates
    Scale Drawings

  • Lessons On Percents

    Percents to Decimals
    Decimals to Percents
    Percents to Fractions & Decimals
    Percent of a Number
    Percent of a Number Worksheets
    Match Fractions, Decimals, Percentages Game

Consumer Math

  • Lessons On Consumer Math

    Unit Price
    Calculate the unit price to find out which is the better buy
    Discount & Sale Price
    How to calculate discounts & sale prices
    Unit Price Game
    Are you getting value for money? It is a good way of comparing costs. To help you becomeexpert at calculating Unit Prices we have this game for you
    Math Quiz
    Find Percent, Interest, Discount, Sale Price

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Grade 5mr. Regan


  • Lessons On Time

    Review Calender & Time from Grade 4
    Convert Time
    Convert time between days, hours & minutes
    Find Elapsed Time
    Learn how to calculate elapsed time
    Find End Time
    Learn to find the end time from start time using duration
    Time Zones
    What are time zones & how they work

  • Time Worksheets & Games

    Time Conversion
    (weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds)
    Add & Subtract Time
    Multiply & Divide Time
    Time Word Problems
    (Elapsed Time)
    Convert from 12-hr System to 24-hr System
    Convert from 24-hr System to 12-hr System
    Calculate Time Intervals in 12-hr System & 24-hr System
    Time Games

Grade 5mr. Regan's Educational Websites


  • Grade 5 Math Games

    Area Games
    Decimal Games
    Ordering Decimals, Converting to Fractions & Percents, Decimal Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication & Division, Rounding Decimals
    Fraction Games
    Learn about Fractions, Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers, Compare Fractions, EquivalentFractions, Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Fractions, Compare Fractions with Decimals &Percentages
    Geometry Games
    Shape & Symmetry, Angles, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Solid Geometry, Coordinate Geometry,Geometric Terms
    Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers Games
    Scientific Notation Games

Try the free Mathway calculator and problem solver below to practice various math topics. Try the given examples, or type in your own problem and check your answer with the step-by-step explanations.

Grade 5mr. Regan's Educational Website Page

Grade 5mr. Regan

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