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It’s been a while since we’ve had such an intense hockey fight, huh?

Game 94: April 15 2016 The Initials Game Show

With under a minute to go in Game 2, and with the Red Wings down 5-2, animosity that has been brewing since Game 1 turned into an all out melee on the ice when the Wings Brad Richards slashed Andrej Sustr.

Game 94: April 15 2016 The Initials Game 6

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Game 94: April 15 2016 The Initials Games

Game 94: april 15 2016 the initials game 6

Players from both teams traded indiscriminate punches but it was forward Justin Abdelkader who went full WWE on the Lightning’s Mike Blunden, punching him repeatedly even as Blunden was prostrate on the ice.

Good lord. He looks like he’s playing air drums on Blunden’s head. Abdelkader was assessed a game misconduct and left the ice. 13 other additional penalties were also handed out.

Here’s what’s left of Blunden’s face.

Game 94: April 15 2016 The Initials Game On

Fighting in the NHL is not only down this season, but at its lowest level since 1968, according to data from and Yahoo Sports. Or these guys were just saving it up for a special occasion.

The Lightning aren’t likely to forgive Abdelkader’s actions. Punching a guy repeatedly while he’s down doesn’t tend to leave a good impression.

According to reporters, Blunden received 9 stitches after the fight.

The series heads back to Detroit for Game 3 on Sunday with Tampa Bay leading 2-0.