Game 80: January 8, 2016the Initials Game

January 12, 2021 01:48 AM. Contests despite not yet having played more than 80 percent of the defensive snaps in a game. Fashion Thursday to record his first sacks since 2016. Game 80: January 8, 2016. January 25, 2016 KFAN Stats & Info. Host: Cory Cove. The Initials Game Create a free website or blog at

  1. Game 80: January 8 2016 The Initials Games

The 20 best offline RPGs for PC! The Witcher 3 has a total of over 200 hours of gameplay, divided between the base game and its two expansions. Windows server 2003 antivirus software. There are hundreds of missions, extra activities, and an incredible main campaign. Graphics are gorgeous on this (always have been with ratchet and clank but dangtrue ps4 baby!!!) and the comedy is 1 of the main reasons why so many people love the PlayStation platform games, so I’m glad you all are putting in the effort to make it an original style reboot instead of just a remakewhich means new jokes, guns, environments, R+C awesomeness!!!


Initials: B.H.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, Aj Mansour, Mark Parrish

1Bill HaderChris Hawkey3
2Beverly HillsChris Hawkey?
3Black HillsChris Hawkey4
4Beverly HillbilliesAj Mansour?Paul Lambert
Chris Hawkey
5Brian HoyerChris Hawkey5
6Bob HopeChris Hawkey?Paul Lambert
7Boko HaramChris Hawkey?
8Brett HullMark Parrish1
9Bounty HunterAj Mansour4
10Bryce HarperPaul Lambert2
11Black HoleAj Mansour?Chris Hawkey
12Buddy HollyChris Hawkey2
Game 80: january 8 2016 the initials game show

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Initials: A.M.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, Aj Mansour, Ben Leber

1Archie ManningBen Leber3
2Andy MurrayBen Leber2Chris Hawkey
3Alyssa MilanoAj Mansour6Paul Lambert
4Appalachian MountainsChris Hawkey?
5Anger ManagementChris Hawkey?
6Alanzo MourningPaul Lambert4
7Alex MorganBen Leber5
8Andre MillerPaul Lambert4
9Al MichaelsAj Mansour3
10Alanis MorissettePaul Lambert6
11Ashley MadisonBen Leber2
12Ant-ManPaul Lambert2
TBAir Marshals(Stumped)3
TBAlly McBeal(Stumped)3
TBArctic MonkeysPaul Lambert2
1Paul Lambert51C2C3CBF
2Ben Leber411C2C3CBF
3Aj Mansour21C2C3CBF
3Chris Hawkey211C2C3CBF
Notes & Quotes
First play-in game (Leber v. Parrish, BB):
1. Leber – Best Buy (4 clues)
2. Leber – Benjamin Button (? clues)

Game 80: January 8 2016 The Initials Games

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