Game 126: November 25, 2016the Initials Game

Box Score - Brooklyn Nets (97) vs. Indiana Pacers (118) - November 25, 2016. Iowa Box Score, November 25, 2016.

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Game 126: november 25 2016 the initials game show

What is bound to be a very exciting Ohio State-Michigan game on Saturday has, as per age-old tradition, led to the banning of the letter ‘M’ in Ohio State territory. Because college football rivalries, while great, are often the least rational thing in the world.

So for your Friday, some examples this week of the letter being eliminated:

Game 126: November 25 2016 The Initials Game On

1. John Kasich’s proclamation.

Game 126: November 25 2016 The Initials Game 6

Game 126: November 25, 2016the Initials Game

2. Woody Hayes’ statue

3. And across the campus

4. And many places on the Ohio State football social media accounts

5. TV broadcasts

Game 126: November 25 2016 The Initials Games

A Michigan message board gleefully pointed out times when OSU failed to properly eliminate all ‘M’s, a tradition almost as dearly held as the tradition of crossing them out.