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Sony has revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for March and the list of free games is a fair bit shorter than we’re used to seeing. That’s because Sony has ended support for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita beginning in March. Though PS3 and PS Vita users can still subscribe to PlayStation Plus and receive other benefits, they’ll no longer receive free games each month.

Metal.gear.solid.v.the.phantom.pain.ps3-duplex.torrent: File Size: 104 kb: File Type: torrent. Call of Duty: WW2 is available to download from May 26 to July 6, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 is be available from June 2 to July 6. PlayStation Plus games: May 2020 (Image credit: Colossal Order).

Of course, we knew this was coming. Sony first announced that it was dropping PS3 and PS Vita from the Plus rotation last year, and has reiterated the change in the time since then. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member using one of those platforms, you’ll still have access to the PS Plus games you’ve already downloaded as long as you stay subscribed, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see many PS3 and PS Vita owners drop their subscriptions now that there won’t be anymore free games.

In any case, the two free games for PS4 are big ones. The first one is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which originally launched as a pack-in bonus with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and released as a standalone title some months later. There isn’t a whole lot to say about Modern Warfare Remastered – if you liked the original, you’ll probably enjoy running through it again with updated visuals.

The second free game for the month of March is The Witness, which comes from Braid developer Jonathan Blow. Blow spent an impressive eight years working on The Witness, and though it may not be for everyone, it’s definitely worth a download for anyone looking to work their way through some challenging puzzles. The island that serves as the backdrop for The Witness is beautiful as well, which is never a bad thing.

Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness will both be available from March 5 to April 1, which means that February’s games are still available if you haven’t grabbed them yet. It’s important to note that the free PS3 and PS Vita games for February will be available until March 8, so you’re running out of time to download the final free games for both of those platforms. What do you think of Sony’s decision to end the free game rotation for PS3 and PS Vita? Head down to the comments section and let us know!

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I already shared with you how to jailbreak PS3 Super Slim 4.84 via USB. Maybe you have successfully jailbroken your console and now you want some PS3 games. So, this article only guides how to download and install PS3 games for free via USB. Keep in mind that, there are many ways to inject PS3 games. Please read the whole article to collect more information about game installation.

This process requires a jailbroken console and HAN toolbox. If you don’t have one. Please read PS3 Jailbreak 4.84 and PS3 HAN toolbox v0.7.1. Once you have a jailbroken console and installed HAN. You can go with further process. As you know HAN jailbroken console accepts only PS3 PKG game format. So, we will download free PS3 games with the help of PSN stuff. PS3 PSN stuff allows you to download free PS3 games in PKG format. So, let’s get started.


Free Ps3 Games Available
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • USB or External Hard Drive
  • Stable Internet connection

Require files:-

  • PS3 PSN stuff database
  • Resigner Master Tool
  • act.dat and idps.hex file
  • PS3 PSN stuff

PS3 PSN Stuff – How to Download PS3 Games for free

  1. Unzip PS3 PSN stuff zip file on your secondary drive.
  2. Run PSN stuff exe as administrator.
  3. Unzip PSN stuff database on source folder.
  4. Load your unzip database on PSN stuff.
  5. Check PSN Stuff update.
  6. Search game name which you want
  7. You’ll see download highlight button on the bottom right corner. (Do not forget game RAP file)

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to inject/install PS3 games. It depends on how larger game you have. If you have under 4 GB game. You can go with, How to install PS3 games via USB. The best part of under 4GB game installation. You can perform it via USB. If you have above 4GB game. Go with, How to install over 4GB game. You can find below various ways to install PS3 games.

Various Ways to install PS3 games

  • TrueAncestor Backup Retailer – Via USB (Read More)
  • PS3 PKG Linker – Via LAN (Read More)
  • PS3 Pexploit lite 1.0 – (Read More)
  • Backup & Restore – (Read More)
  • MuxPort – (Read More)

Conclusions:- I hope you got all the information about game installation. If anything else, please feel free to use forum page to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel to stay connected with me.

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