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Free forum: Talk about games, such as Mario, Sonic, COD, etc. Or just chat with friends! Video Game Heaven, Norfolk, Virginia. 17,796 likes 20 talking about this 791 were here. For more than 25 years we have been the local go-to shop for video games, gaming accessories,.

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    Hi there- came from botting with glider way back in the day, botted with Honorbuddy for a short while, now trying this in classic. Overall awesome to find a bot that is relatively straight forward to set up, but a few suggestions I've posted on the discord that I also want to post here. Feel free to comment any suggestions you have that I've missed and also let others know if a suggestion already listed is something you're interested in, that way the bot author knows where to prioritize time: - Ability to track whether a mob is in melee / ranged fighting range (maybe some type of measure in t
  3. Dear Customers, Friends, and Family of Game Haven.Covid UPDATE - June 8th Organize Play is back on the scheduleSo with our state going to STATUS YELLOW- we are continuing our steps towards the new normalcy. Last week we allowed in store play for our miniatures players. This week at Game Haven Sandy and Bountiful we are going to allow in store play in general. We still are not doing any Organized play for most our groups until June if things keep getting better, but at this point we will allow D&D groups who want to come in, random TCG players who would like to come play with friends, Boardgame friends who want to come play etc.Demo Games and Rentals are still closed for the time being.We are doing what we can to ensure social distancing by spacing out our play tables tables(Play on the ones that are set up). Those at the play tables will be required to wear face coverings, and we will be providing hand sanitizer bottles around the store on tables for customer use, Please sanitize your hands when you come in, and please do not touch others belongings where possible.Our cafes will each have 2 open socially distantant tables that will allow for in store dining, We are still not allowing outside food at this time.Game Haven West Jordan is getting all new floors and when the remodel is finished we will be opening in store play for that store as well.Facemasks are highly recommended for both Employees and Customers. We ask you to please be courteous and staying socially distant from other shoppers. As always we are happy to assist you in finding anything you need in the store, and are still offering curbside pickup, for credit card orders only. For more information please call 801-304-4263.If you have any symptoms or are in any way sick, DO NOT ENTER the store! Again, we would be happy to offer curbside pickup if you call ahead. We hate to be so strict and harsh but this is one of the best ways we can all help each other stay safe and follow the guidelines set by the Health Department so we can open our doors to you.Play Area & Events:Play Areas are open but our game rooms are still closed at this time. Our organized play is also still down, but hoping to return in Early June, so stay tuned.As part of the Game Haven community and family we welcome any ideas or suggestions you might have. Please send them to [email protected] Game Haven Webstore:We have updated our website to include Pre-Ordering Ikoria product, YGO, and Pokemon singles and boosters boxes and sealed product. Please go to our main website which has links to the specific webstore for each of our locations. Our Bountiful location has most of our Board Games, Card Games, and RPGs listed online as well so feel free to shop and buy online to stay safe, and you can pick up your product curbside or inside.Current ONLINE Events:We are still gaming from home and staying as connected as our Game Haven community can. Each of our stores has PVC pipe rigs we made and are giving away for free, when you join us on Discord. We are hosting different tournaments, paint nights, get togethers, all using Discord online. In addition, we are hosting FNM through Arena, as both a tournament (when interest arises) and free giveaways earned by posting pictures of your screenshot on our discord server. Join our discord server here: Customers with Trade-Ins:We are updating our policy to be a contact free drop off trade-in. We will have you place items in a box, and we will process them 48 hours later. This will allow customers to limit the time they need to spend in the store and reduce the employee risk of contamination. We will decline taking product that is clearly in an unsanitary state. We are offering a 25% bonus for all trades if you choose to receive in-store credit during this time.We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide updates as we are able. We all look forward to the days where we can throw the doors open wide and welcome you all with hugs to join us around the table for your next gaming adventure. Until that time comes: stay safe, know we miss playing in person with you, and we truly appreciate your continued understanding and support during this crazy time.From your Game Haven Family!
    Bring your army and play table top games for free on game nights. Check the events page for the store near you to find game nights for Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, and Heroclix. You can also grab a few units before your next battle.
    Gather with other local players every Monday evening to play board games. Bring your friends, family, and food for an evening of demonstrations and free fun from our demo shelves stocked with many popular titles.
    We host events for Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other popular card games. Visit the events page for the store near you to participate in several card game leagues and tournaments each week.
    You can stop going to two places to for your gaming and comic book needs because we sell comic books too at Game Haven Sandy. Check out our new releases on our Blog
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