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You can't create a new address any more, only new addresses. There's no need to create a new ID; you can add up to three 'email aliases' - these are additional addresses (not accounts) which deliver into the same inbox as the main account. (In fact it's a good idea to give out alias addresses, rather than the main address, because if they attract spam you can easily change them.)

'E-mail me the check' sounds right to me, and 'e-mail to me the check' does not. 'E-mail the check to me' however, does sound correct. This is typical of ditransitive verbs in English: there is a choice between 'me' as a direct object (without a preposition) and an indirect object (with a preposition), but the choice is often dictated by things like word order and whether or not the objects. Send Me An Email: I value all feedback from residents of my district. Please enter your zip code below to continue. Send us an email. Phone: (202) 225-5034. Fax: (202) 225-3186. E-mail was invented in the second half of the 20th century and predates the Internet. E-mail has replaced paper mail for a wide variety of correspondence, and is the preferred method of communication in many workplaces. Here are some examples, “Greg, please complete the monthly audit and send me an e-mail me when you have finished,” said Sandy.

You should be aware before you start that once you've created an alias you cannot turn that address into a full iCloud account, move it to another account, or reactivate it if you delete it.

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Email Me&& Try The Games Play

More information on aliases here:

Email Me&& Try The Games To Play

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