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  • Thing Thing Arena Classic

    Gun 'em all down in this new version of a great action classic!

  • Thing Thing Arena Pro

    Are you pro? Blast 'em all in this new Thing Thing game!

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  • Shadez 3

    Your troops need you! Guide and upgrade them through the campaign in this new Shadez game!

  • Gare

    Blast the enemy mechs and upgrade your own - awesome graphics!

  • Fat Slice

    Slice and dice your way through all the levels in this puzzle game, while dodging the bouncing balls!

  • Missile Game 3D HS

    Control a guided missile as it zooms through a tunnel towards its target - how far can you get?

  • Nightstrike

    Use your turret and shield to fight off wave after wave of attacking enemies!

  • Vanguards

    Control your team of super-heroes as you defend the city from crooks and aliens in this innovative puzzle game!

  • RedNBlu

    Fast paced shooting action - how long can you stay alive?

  • Smileys War

    Shoot it out with other smileys in fast-paced deathmatch fun!


Kongregate free online game Dogfight 2 - Sequel to Dog Fight: The Ultimate War. Shoot baddies and try not to crash. Play Dogfight 2.

Dogfight 2free Flash Games To Play

  1. Dogfight 2, a free online Arcade game brought to you by Armor Games. Play as the Germans in this sequel to Rock Solid's hit arcade shooter.
  2. Dogfight Flash Game - Over 20,000 free online games and adding 10 more every Monday - Friday!
  3. Play World War II fighter plane games for free, online dogfight games with no download: Flash Dogfight game, a cool, airplane battle flying game for PC, Mac, iPad. World War 2 arcade games, fun shooting games for kids (boys, girls) to play now on the web. New action games, 2D games.