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DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft
FoundedOctober 1, 1870
HeadquartersBielefeld, Germany
Key people
  • Mr. Christian Thönes, Executive Board chairman
  • Masahiko Mori, Supervisory Board chairman
ProductsMachine tools
Revenue€ 2.229 billion (2014)[1]
7,236 (December 31, 2014)[1]

New and Used DMG MORI - We have 99 listings for DMG MORI listed below. Find items by using the following search options. You can also click on the column heading to sort through the listings. For more information on an item, contact the seller directly. Established MORI SEIKI GmbH: 1983: Established MORI SEIKI U.S.A., INC. (current DMG MORI U.S.A., INC.) Started actual operation at Iga No.1 Plant The Company was transferred to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange: 1987.

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DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (name written in capital letters; until September 2013: Gildemeister AG, until June 2015: DMG MORI SEIKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT) is one of Germany's largest manufacturers of cuttingmachine tools and a manufacturer of CNC-controlled Lathes and Milling machines.[2] Products include machines, industrial services and software and energy solutions. The SDAX technology group has 21 production sites worldwide and 161 international sales and service sites. The company is based in Bielefeld.


Mill-Turn Machine

On 1 October 1870, locksmith Friedrich Gildemeister founded the ‘Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik (Machine Tool Plant) Gildemeister & Comp’ back in the ‘pioneer days’ in Germany. In the following decades, the plant near the Cologne-Minden train station in Bielefeld was expanded to include several production facilities.

For over 100 years – until 1976 - the company was based across the street from the main railroad station, where the hotel Bielefelder Hof and the municipal exhibition hall are now situated. Gildemeisterstraße 60 in Bielefeld has since become the group’s headquarters. Today, 7,236 employees and 261 trainees work for the group worldwide.[3]

In 1890, the company had around 100 employees, among them a wages clerk and three technicians to assemble the machines.

In 1899, the former partnership was changed to a public limited company with capital assets of 1 million Goldmarks. In 1920 five engineers founded Maho AG as Mayr, Hoermann & Cie GmbH. Gildemeister went public in 1950 and at the end of 1969, the company became a public company with a broad spectrum of shareholders.

Merger of Deckel & Maho. Later Gildemeister[edit]

In 1993 Friederich Deckel AG and Maho AG merged. In 1994 Gildemeister AG acquired Deckel Maho AG and was renamed Deckel Maho Gildemeister AG.

In 2002, Gildemeister received approval from the German Stock Exchange for admission to the ‘Prime Standard’. Following restructuring of the German Stock Index in March 2003, the Gildemeister share was listed on the SDAX. At the end of December 2007, Gildemeister AG was included in the MDAX stock index.[4]

In 2008, the Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated proceedings against the Gildemeister AG CEO, Rüdiger Kapitza. The charges brought against him included embezzlement, fraud, corruption and tax evasion.[5] In late summer, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Financial Market Authority, BaFin, stopped their unsuccessful investigations into insider trading.[6] However, proceedings continued in other areas.[7] Investigations in Austria were also finally stopped in March 2013 and Kapitza was cleared of suspicion of embezzlement and fraud.[8]

Cooperation with Mori Seiki[edit]

In March 2009, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese company Mori Seiki. This agreement allowed the company to further consolidate its sales and service network in global key markets. The cooperation in markets in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey [9] was followed by the USA and India.[10]Since September 2011, the two companies have continued to further expand their joint market presence in Europe.[11]

In order to strengthen their successful global cooperation, Gildemeister and Mori Seiki signed a cooperation agreement and decided to align their company names. On 1 October 2013, Gildemeister Aktiengesellschaft became DMG MORI Seiki Aktiengesellschaft. Mori Seiki changed its name to DMG MORI Seiki Company Limited. On the global market, both companies used the DMG MORI brand.

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On 21 January 2015, the DMG MORI Seiki Aktiengesellschaft signed another cooperation agreement with DMG MORI Seiki Co., Ltd. This agreement specified objectives for strategic growth and sought to consolidate the successful cooperation between the companies. On 8 June 2015, DMG MORI Seiki Aktiengesellschaft became DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft and DMG MORI Seiki Company Limited changed its name to DMG MORI Company Limited as a further confirmation of the merger.

Both companies are main shareholders: DMG MORI AG (Gildemeister),[12] holds 9.6 per cent of DMG MORI CO. LTD. and DMG MORI CO. LTD. holds 52.54 per cent (status: 7 May 2015) of DMG MORI AG.[13]


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DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.
Native name
TYO: 6141
Founded(October 26, 1948; 72 years ago)
HeadquartersNakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Key people
Masahiko Mori
  • Machining centers
  • CNC controls
RevenueJPY 160.7 billion (FY 2013) (US$ 1.57 billion) (FY 2013)
JPY 9.4 billion (FY 2013) (US$ 92.1 million) (FY 2013)
Number of employees
4,159 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2014)
WebsiteOfficial website
Footnotes / references

DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. (DMG森精機株式会社, DMG Mori Seiki Kabushiki-gaisha) (formerly Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese company, headquartered in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of machine tools.

Since its establishment in 1948, it has grown into one of the largest machine tool builders in the world. With its sister company in Germany, DMG Mori Seiki AG, it markets machine tools worldwide under the brand DMG Mori.

Circa 2009, Japan's Mori Seiki entered into a strategic partnership with Germany's Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister (DMG) of Gildemeister AG, yielding the current two DMG Mori Seiki organizations. In 2015 it was reported that the company will carry out a takeover bid to acquire its German partner.[3]


DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of machine tools, peripherals and systems, with more than 160,000 installations around the world. Mori Seiki is directed by President Masahiko Mori (森 雅彦, Mori Masahiko), Dr. Eng., and employs over 4,000 individuals worldwide.

In the 21st century, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. established the Digital Technology Laboratory (DTL)[4] in Davis, California, USA. The mission of the DTL is to develop advanced software for new products.

Corporate affairs[edit]

The worldwide headquarters are located in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.[5][6][7]

The U.S. headquarters are located in the Chicago Technical Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois near Chicago with locations in Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and New Jersey.[8] The facility overlooks Interstate 90 (Jane Addams Memorial Tollway). The building has 102,000 square feet (9,500 m2) of space and includes classrooms.[9] In November 2009 the current U.S. headquarters opened during a four-day event with over 2,200 visitors.[10] On April 1, 2010, as part of the deal between Mori Seiki and Gildemeister AG (DMG) the U.S. divisions of both companies merged into one unit.[11]

DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. has its offices in the Middlemarch Business Park in Coventry.[12] MORI SEIKI GmbH, the European division, has its head office in Wernau, Germany.[13][14]

In 2009, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. relocated its U.S. headquarters to a newly built building, designed by Itasca, Illinois-based Cornerstone Architects Ltd., located in the AT&T corporate center in Hoffman Estates.[citation needed]

From October 1, 2013 the company renamed from Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. to DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD..[15]

In 2016, DMG Mori opened its new 200,000 m2 plant in Ulyanovsk, Russia, starting production of its ecoline group of machine tools there, plus attendant training and service facilities.[16]

Products and Technologies[edit]

A Mori Seiki CNC lathe
Dmg Mori Italia

DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD.'s major products include computer numerical control (CNC)lathes, parallel-twin-spindle turning centers, multi-axis turning centers, five-axis turning centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, linear motor-driven horizontal machining centers, operating systems, machining support systems, networking systems, and production support systems. Mori Seiki has 29 subsidiaries and six associated companies.

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Throughout its history, the company has developed more than 200 models of CNC lathes and machining centers.


DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. provides service and support over the life of its machines. Service centers throughout the country provide customers local support with global backing.

Motorsports involvement[edit]

In 2014, DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. Helicopter game y8. became the exclusive premium partner of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Team, supporting its return to the top category of the FIA World Endurance Championship.[17]


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