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Dead zed 3 We have a collection of dead zed 3 for you to play. We also offer other best online games, action games, strategy games, puzzle games and more. Dead Zed 2 is the second instalment of the epic Dead Zed zombie apocalypse survival series (after the original Dead Zed, of course). You must use your skill, cunning and combat skills to survive against hordes of zombie in this strange and unforgiving world. Survive day by day and use your weapons to kill the flesh seeking zombies. As you kill zombies your rage bar steadily builds. Zombies incoming! Grab that pistol and do what you can to stop them. Aim for the head otherwise you will need a lot of time to reload. Search for supplies and convince other survivors to join your group in the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Zedbuddhist Games Download

Dead Zed 3 is the next coming game to the Dead Zed flash game series. Like the previous games it will be a free online flash game based about shooting zombies before they reach the base and will also use time as the main resource. It's a fast paced shooter game where the aim of the game is to survive.

The purpose of the game is similar to the previous ones, the player needs to survive for 40 days as their group awaits rescue. The game is set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and in order to survive the player must manage their time resource, their survivors and also their equipment. Beach, water, sky.

The player will be able to send search parties out to scavenge from buildings to find weapons, items and survivors. Time is gained by killing zombies and more time is awarded to players for achieving headshots on the zombies.

The controls in Dead Zed 3 are similar to the ones seen in the last game. The player will use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot the enemy, to reload the player can double left click or they can press the “r” key. Players can mute the game music or pause the game if they wish.

There should also be hacked versions of the game available where players have hacked all guns and unblocked various other features also.

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Survival is not a sprint, but a marathon! Dead Zed 2 is not just about killing every single undead.. dead. It's about surviving 40 days and 40 nights in the zombie apocalypse. Explore your environment and defend your position against the next wave of the living dead eager to take a bite out of you! Gather survivors, equip them and then barricade yourself well. Because zombies are getting tougher and more dangerous with each passing night.
Do you have what it takes to see another sunrise? Or will you end up as the bits between the teeth of some rotten undead freak? Use the different weapons to defend yourself as good as possible. Try to hit the zombies with a head shot to knock them out immediately and earn points to equip yourself with better arms. Be careful, some undead run towards you, so you better aim for them first. Can you kill them all before they invade your territory? Find out in Dead Zed 2, online and for free on!
Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot / Reload, Q = Switch Weapons, Space = Rage Mode, 1-3 = Detonate Bombs