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Avantax WM Holdings SM is the holding company for the group of companies providing financial services under the Avantax SM name. Securities offered through Avantax Investment Services SM, Member FINRA, SIPC. Real Estate Securities and a Filter-based, Short-term Trading Strategy. Michael Cooper, David Downs & Gary Patterson. Published online: 17 Jun 2020.

Collection Last Updated: December 25, 2020
Total Number of Episodes: 6886
Trading Status: AVAILABLE

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First, a few things to note…

  • For the time being I’m only accepting offers for digital trades of episodes. I don’t have a set minimum or maximum length of content as of yet. I will not accept any Youtube copies unless any bugs/watermarks are not present and the quality is sufficient. And also, absolutely no file shares directly off of YT or any other video site.
  • The Tape Liquidation is still going on, click here to check it out.
  • I still don’t have a set-top DVD recorder as of this update. It’s going to be some time before I get a replacement recorder. The prices I’ve seen on some of the eBay listings for working DVD recorders are more than I can afford.

Got episodes of game shows or otherwise that you have but I don’t or vice-versa, then you’ve come to the right place!

Before even proposing a trade to me (if I’m on available status), please read my ‘Trading Policy’ first (see the link at the top of the page).

As for the collection listings, the show titles are listed in alphabetical order. However, money amounts do not count as part of titles (for example, “The $50,000 Pyramid” would be listed under “P”. Also, the words “The New” or “The All-New” do not count (for example, both “Beat the Clock” and “The All-New Beat the Clock” would be listed under “B”). The host’s names are typed in italics after the show title which is all capitalized in bold type. If a show had more than one host during its run, each host has a sub-heading of his/her own (Guest hosts don’t apply to this, but rather the episode(s) of the show that they hosted are listed under the name of the emcee that they filled in for); an ampersand symbol (&) is used to indicate co-hosts. After each episodes’ description is a number used for reference purposes (see ‘Trading Policy” for details). If I have more than one copy of a particular episode (i.e. one from original broadcast w/commercials and another that’s a GSN repeat), it counts as two episodes and its pointed out in the listing for that.

“Foreign shows” are those which were aired only in their originating country. If a foreign version of a US game show used a title that’s different from its American counterpart, it’s noted by the words “same as…” in parenthesis after the title.

Before even proposing a trade to me (if I’m on available status), please read my ‘Trading Policy’ first (see the link at the top of the page).


Special thanks to these people who’ve traded and with me and/or have made contributions to my collection:

Paul Burgos
Jason Carter
Conner Cohan
Philip Cousin
Jason Cranmer
Todd Cross
Sean Davidson
Greg Diener
Chuck Donegan
David Downs (RIP)
Frank Dunat
Jay Fisher
Greg Garsten
Matthew G.
Mitch Groff
Kenneth Hawkins
Darryl Heine
Jeff Hemelt
Sonia Lai
Josh Leeman
Jacob LaPratt
Josh Lieberman
Matthew Light
Joe Madigan
Ian McLinn
Trent McSwain
Erik Mokracek
Joshua Murphy
John Ndanyi
Nolan P.
Jon Pleszewski
Chris Powney
Brendan Richards
Ryan Rinkerman
Brian Sapinski
Will Schmarder
Matt Schumm
Russ Scottfield
Leonard S.
Anton Spivack
Mickey Stevens
Chris Tuskowski
Roxanne Victor
Craig Walker
Ian Wallis
Tammy Warner
Michael Wise

If you want to trade with me, please fill out this form here…

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