We have several ways to participate in the Public Lab chatroom; the easiest is listed first. For other methods, scroll down!


We've bridged together a number of different chatroom systems, so you can use one you're comfortable with. Cinematic vst free. (If you care, Public Lab's chatroom is run on IRC,on OFTC in the room #publiclab).


Most folks participating via GitHub use, and we've also bridged that with the other chatrooms:


We also use the service (formerly Riot), which is a bit more fully-featured than IRC, also in the room #publiclab:

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Because this is where we 'connect' all the chatrooms together, it tends to be the smoothest experience with the most features.

It includes file upload, voice chat, and notifications. This is connected to the IRC channel as well, so it's basically all the same chatroom. Riot also offers several clients for iOS and Android devices:


Unfortunately, due to excessive offensive posts (see our Code of Conduct) through the IRC chat system, we have had to add a setting which 'quiets' new chat participants who join over IRC. This means you will only be able to read the chat, not post your own messages.

Exemptions: we have made sure that if you join using the 'mini' chatroom at the top of this page, or, you will not be affected by this rule. Likewise, those who join via Riot/Matrix, Gitter, or Slack will be unaffected.

Of course we are happy to individually exempt you as well; please email [email protected] with your IRC username to be exempted, or DM somebody in the channel. (we are working to create an automated exemption system using plotsbot as well)

We apologize for this necessity!

The following are for moderators in our various chat channels:

Tools for IRC

Moderators may find these tools helpful:

  • Get Op with: /msg chanserv op #publiclab
  • Quiet someone with: /mode #publiclab +q nick
  • Unquiet with: /mode #publiclab +e nick

Tools for Riot

Ban people by clicking their avatar icon:

Then click Ban under Admin tools.

To redact a message, click the .. icon to the right side of the message, then choose Redact or Remove. On Android, long-press the message to get this menu.

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