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Version 0.3.2 is out now, and it brings with it the new farm field trip! Here's the full changelog:

January 3, 2018—KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) December 12, 2017—KB4054517 (OS Build 16299.125) December 12, 2017—KB4056342 Update for Windows 10 Mobile (OS Build 15254.124). According to the official update post marking the release of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the team at Forgotten Empires (one of the two studios involved in the project) sent a changelog. 0.19.0 (Alpha ) In the Original Story: converted most NPC reactions for the Player exposing themselves into Background Chatter instead of Main Dialogue In the Original Story: added new Opportunities for Frank – A “Ball” of Mystery, CockBall, The Penis Games, Nail the Coffin, Budding Bromance In the Original Story: added new default greeting responses.


Adjustments and Additions

  • Added the new farm field trip! In this minigame you'll need to quickly click and drag animals through a corn maze and into the barn.
  • Adjusted the camping minigame difficulty to be slightly easier in-game. There is now one more three fire problem than before and one less four fire problem than before.
  • Pressing and holding escape for one second while playing an the endless variant of a field trip will allow you to exit it at any given moment. There is no pause function during these minigames to prevent cheating.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafters. The 'attacking' animation is now completely different and less annoying. Now only the player will be teleported and Baldi will be unaffected.

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Bug Fixes

Changelog 3 3/2018clout Games
  • Fixed apple trees not having apples.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented basketball hoops from ever generating and other objects from not generating in the maximum possible quantity set in the generator settings.
  • Fixed Arts and Crafters often breaking after attacking and getting stuck while playing the loud sound effect.


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Changelog 3 3/2018clout Games

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