Candy Quiz!

Candy Quiz!

Browse through and take candy quizzes. Since there are so many sequels this season, I decided to make an extra special, once in a lifetime quiz. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Try to guess the candy. April 16, 2017 326 takers. Food & Drinks Candy Report. Add to library » Discussion ». Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on

Candy Quiz!

Here is something fun to spark up your day. Every answer is a kind of candy. Come back tomorrow for the answers! (You have to have been around awhile to remember some of these…. 😉

Let me know how many you got.

1. A famous swashbuckling trip of old:

2. Indian burial ground:

3. Galaxy:

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4. Red planet:

5. Home of the movie stars:

6. Not laughing out loud:

7. Someone who drops things:


8. Famous author:

9. Famous baseball player:

10. Famous New York street:

11. Twin letters:

12. Superman’s other identity:

13. A sweet sign of affection:

14. Favorite day for working people:

15. What bees make:

16. Nut happiness:

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17. Pleasingly plump:

18. Two female pronouns:

19. A feline:

20. Single women look out for him:

21. Round flotation device:

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22. Sun explosion:

Candy Quiz Worksheet

23. Action games by hamzaall softwares. Bite with crackling noise:

Candy Quiz Answers

24. Dry cow:

25. Children of the cane:

26. Two minus two equals: