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  1. So basically, every time popular apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp or Instagram etc plan to add a new feature, it goes through a Beta testing and by being a part of the Beta testing team you can get to experience these new features much before any of your friends does.
  2. These new features are complemented by other recent updates we’ve made to Medium. As part of the beta, you will also have access to our Newsletters product, giving you new ways to build relationships and share stories with your Medium audience.
  3. Beta testing provide developers a platform to test different features of their apps on a controlled group of users and based on their feedback, you can add, remove or alter different functions. The idea behind this is to reduce the overall deployment costs of the product by introducing optimal features that the target audience likes.
  1. Beta Test New Blog Features 2020
  2. Beta Test New Blog Features Free

Beta testing is an important part of the app launch process. After developers test their app (that’s a rigorous testing process called alpha testing), they push it forward to real users to test it. At this point, they have the opportunity to get big flaws resolved before making the app available for the wider audience.

Welcome to the latest version of labfolder! We completed our beta testing this week, improving our functions and releasing a whole bunch of new features that will further boost your research experiment! labfolder now includes digital signatures and the import of various text files and table formats, just to name a few of the latest features. During beta testing all functions have been tested by more than 2,000 participating researchers from all around the world and are now available for the international research community.

New features after beta testing

After having successfully ‘survived’ all beta tests, the new version of our digital lab notebook now includes the following features:

  • drag & drop option for files
  • import and display of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other document processing tools
  • import, display and export of spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), including full formula support
  • digital signing and witnessing functions
  • messages, comments and tasks

Thanks to a very successful beta testing, all these features are now available in the free basic package.

Successful beta tests: Now word processing and formula support

Many scientists are stockpiling their documents in formats like Word and Excel. Withthe integration of word processing and spreadsheets tools during beta tests, labfolder now offers import functions for popular document and spreadsheet formats like Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenOffice and many more. Previous digitally stored research data such as document and spreadsheet files can now be uploaded, displayed and modified directly within the electronic lab notebook, a convenient and compliant platform for researchers. After beta testing, it is also possible to reuse existing content – for example research protocols or created templates – and share this data with other colleagues or a set research group. The following live demo tells you all about the new features here


Digital signatures and GxP-compliance after beta testing

After beta testing, labfolder now allows data management and research documentation in compliance with research guidelines such as Good Scientific Practice (GxP) and CFR 21 part 11. In order to follow these regulations, all records have to include a timestamps and a unique reference to the author to protect digital documents against unauthorized access and loss of intellectual property as well as to defend patent claims. Having successfully completed its beta tests, digital signatures for entries – with the option to witness and countersign research records – have been integrated in the dashboard of labfolder. Now you don’t have to deal with the massive scope of regulations anymore: From now on our labfolder system takes care of meeting these set requirements for laboratories. Learn how you can use labfolder to secure compliance and IP for all document types:


After beta tests: Message, comment and task functions to improve collaboration

In order to further improve collaboration amongst colleagues, beta testing also led to the integration of functions for messaging, commenting and assigning tasks to fellow group members. Within a labfolder group you can send messages and share important research information. Users can also comment on entries. Working together in teams, group members can assign tasks to themselves and to other members. We hope all our beta tests and integrated new features will further boost your research experience with labfolder!

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Beta Test New Blog Features 2020

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Beta Test New Blog Features Free