Best Mac Blushes For Fair Skinsportfasr

One of our top picks for the budget-conscious shopper is the Coastal Scents Blush Palette. They provide you with 10 different shades of pink, making it easy to use them individually or mix them to create something unique. Top 3 Best Blush for Fair Skin Reviews. Out of all the products we tried, these three stood out above the rest. It took me a long time to find the right blush for fair skin, but now I've found 9 of 'em! So ladies, if you have fair skin and are looking for blushes for fair skin, I've got 'em right here! 1 Maybelline Mineral Power Blush - Fresh Plum. Price: $7.93 at One of my favorite blushes for fair skin is this fresh plum color.

Best Mac Blushes For Dark Indian Skin

Ever since I started doing these Top 10 Lists (I’ve put it in my menu bar now), this has to be the MOST requested post. Mac makes 100s of blushes and its easy to get blinded by those bright candy pink colours that we over look the subtle shades which are exactly the shades that work for us everyday (happens a lot with me!). Ofcourse I don’t own all these shades but a quarter. The rest I searched in the vanity boxes of my friends and cousins. And lastly took notes from Temptalia and Makeupgeek. So here is THE list!

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  1. 10 best blushes for fair skin: 1.Milani Baked Blush Milani Baked Powder Blush, Agudo Richly pigmented and very buildable, the beautiful matte and shimmery shades of Baked Rose are the perfect cheeky take of color for every complexion.
  2. She suggests a peachy-pink shade like Nars Blush ($30) in Orgasm as the best blush for fair skin and dark hair to flatter and brighten your complexion. We also love Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ($40) in Magenta, which is a little brighter than Orgasm if you’re seeking a tad more oomph.

1. Mac Gingerly Blush:

Its a warm terracotta Mac blush with peach tones. It adds warmth to your skin. When I had a chat session once, I asked him for his favourite blush for Indian skin and he recommended this! Yes do you need any more testimonials?

2. Mac Peaches Blush:

Mac Peaches is well….peach! Its a happy warm peach that goes with all your coral and orange lipsticks. But you have to layer it to build up the pigmentation. Also is shows up better on fair to medium skin. I don’t think its pigmented enough to show up on darker skin tones. But for others, its one the best peach blushes from Mac!

Best Mac Blushes For Fair Skinsportfasr

3. Mac Melba Blush:

Its a brown peach blush. More of a very warm peach although it looks brown in the pan. It has enough yellow which our Indian skin needs but with a little hint of peach which translates to a natural flush. Most of us Indians don’t blush in pink but brown peach.

4. Mac Mocha Blush:

Its an earthy warm mauve blush. More brown then mauve. You get what I mean? Its like Melba but you replace the peach with mauve. There! Now I know I really make sense. Alright alright! Bottom line: it suits us Indians and works well as a matte warm everyday blush.

5. Mac Springsheen Blush:

Now we have a blush which doubles up as a highlighter. Mac Springsheen is a mix of rose and coral with a hint of golden shimmer. The shimmer isn’t much but gives a nice coral sheen as the name suggests. Its one of those shades you must have for late night outs.

6. Mac Dollymix Blush:

What do you think of when you hear doll? I think of pinks and bows. Which is exactly what this blush colour is about. This is a shimmery rose pink blush. Its one of those blushes which work really well for Indian weddings and functions where we are always dragged to meet and get crushed by a 100 punjabi aunties.

7. Mac Ambering Rose Blush:

Mac describes it as a “muted rose” shade. Excuse me! Its a rose gold brown with tiny little gold flecks. The shimmer is quite visible when you apply it which in turns gives a bronze glow. You know as they say “excess of everything is bad”. It hold true in this case. Apply it with a feather touch and it will make you look like a sun kissed goddess starlet. Go overboard and you end up looking like a disco light!

8. Mac Pinch Me Blush:

Its a dirty rose coral which in my opinion works best on darker skin tones. It may end up looking a little muddy on fair skin. Since it is sheertone, it is a little weak in the pigmentation department like Mac Peaches. So you need to layer it a bit. But once it shows up, you fall in love with the warm flush.

9. Mac Frankly Scarlet Blush:

Who’s bored of pinks and browns and corals? Meeee! We Indians are not about only everyday safe blushes. Once in a while we like to venture out in the dangerous category just to have some fun….and colour. In the pan it looks christmas red. But hey looks can deceive. It translates to a soft rose red on cheeks. Its the kind of flush you get in cold Delhi weather. Every girls needs a red blush….even just to look at.

10. Mac Well Dressed Blush:

Okay enough of warm blushes! Who says Indians need to have warm blushes? Okay they work well with our yellow skin tone. But if you have ever tried the warm rule then you know cool toned blush work as instant pick me up shades. They add a pop of colour which makes you look awake and bright. Well Dressed is a satin dirty mauve pink blush with cool tones. The colour is sheer so its perfect for days when you don’t want an obvious colour on your cheeks but still need to look bright.

Price: All Mac blushes are priced at Rs.1350. I highly suggest you get them without the pan because that way they come out cheaper and you can make your own blush palette. Get one those magnetic Z palettes from ebay.

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When it comes to makeup we all know who rules it all! MAC is also one of my favorite makeup brands. Even many celebrities adore MAC it is widely known for its blushes and has some of the best blushes in cream and powder finishes so we have compiled a list of fourteen best MAC blushes for fair skin tone.Contents

MAC Mocha

Mocha is popular and also a bestseller from MAC. It is a soft pinky blush perfect for pink lovers. It also has some hints of plum. This is a matte powder blush so works really with oily skin types as well also it goes hand in hand with the current weather! (Missing winters!) This blush adds a quick color and freshness to your cheeks. Mocha is a cool-toned shade and fair skin will look beautiful in this color.

MAC Melba

MAC describes Melba as a soft coral peach shade, this is also from Matte powder pro blush range. The best part it looks beautiful on all skin tones but is most suited to women with fair skin. It effortlessly goes well with natural-looking makeup and heavy makeup. It also has good pigmentation and can be built according to your requirements.

MAC Rhubarb

Don’t judge a book by its color! It might look like a super bright color but it looks stunning after application, It is a bright magenta blush from the satin powder blush range. This blush works only for fair skin tones and adds a bright rush of color to your cheeks. It looks too bright in the pan but looks just like a normal blush on the skin.

MAC Pinch O Peach

Top mac blushes for fair skinLooking for a peachy shade here’s one, this is an everyday natural blush, the color is peachy just like the name. It a soft shade and perfect for makeup beginners, you won’t go wrong with this blush and that is why it ends up here in our list of best MAC blushes for fair skin. You can pair this blush with a dramatic smokey eye or get a soft makeup look with a peach lipstick and clean bright eyes.

MAC Apple Red

This fire engine red blush pairs up really well with a nude lipstick or a red lipstick, just be sure you wear it carefully without overpowering the lipstick with the blush. This blush is one of the favorite blushes of many celebrity makeup artists.

MAC Ambering Rose

This is a muted rose blush which goes really well with a Smokey-eye makeup. It has a hint of shimmer which looks fabulous! and makes the skin looks rosy and dewy You can also pair it with brown eye makeup and it will be like the icing over the cake!

MAC Dollymix

A perfect shade to brighten a dull day, Dollymix is candy pink blush shade. It works with fair to medium skin tones and is easy to wear if you layer it cautiously. It has a sheer tone/shimmer finish. If you love Alia Bhatt makeup, she uses such blushes which makes her look bright and bubbly.

MAC Gingerly

Craving for some Kim-Kardashian look? Bored with pink, peach or fuschia? Let gingerly conquer all your Bronzy desires! Gingerly is one of the most popular mac blushes. This will make you look warm, sun-kissed and tan! Warm looks go best with Smokey eyes or even with basic kohl.

MAC Fleur

Top Mac Blushes For Fair Skin

Fleur Power is best described as a soft coral with hints of pink. It has a satin finish. It looks matte on the skin and gives a warm look. Fleur is a perfect everyday blush, and would also look great for college girls or office going women. If you want some subtle color Fluer won’t break your heart!

MAC Breath of Plum

Breath of plum is a light mauve shade that is suitable for almost any occasion. It has a sheer finish and can build more if required. It is best suited for Fair to medium skin tone.

MAC Warm Soul

This is a beige toned mineralize blush with gold pearl. It’s a beautiful blush which is probably one of the most famous MAC blushes. It’s the perfect shade for the majority of skin tones. You can use this blush on a daily basis without giving a second thought. Or days when you want a warm look. Suitable for fair-medium skin tones.

MAC Petal Power

Petal power from MAC Mineralize blush range has a coral pink color with some golden shimmer in it. You can also this blush as a highlighter as well. The blush provides a light golden shimmer, it is a perfect shade for a date night or Indian festivities. You can also use it when you are doing a glowing skin makeup look. The shade provides a natural-looking radiance.

Best Mac Blushes For Fair Skin

MAC Well Dressed

MAC Well Dressed is has a satin finish. It’s a cool-toned color. This blush is not very pigmented, but you can build it up for coverage it delivers a beautiful looking glow

MAC Trace Gold