Astro For Facebook Messenger Free For Mac

  1. Astro is the best Facebook Messenger app on Mac. For the first time, you can use lightening fast FB chat, just like iMessage on Mac(1) Super fast interface, just like iMessage(2) The only app that supports group chat(3) Drag & Drop to send files(4) Shortcut to make screenshot(5) Back.
  2. It isn’t free but it is worth every cent. Messenger Lite for Facebook. While this article is mainly about the best Facebook desktop apps for Windows and Mac, I cannot help but list Messenger Lite (formerly Lite Messenger) for Facebook. It’s an Android app that manages chats much better than Facebook’s own chat program.
  3. Astro is one of the best Facebook Messenger app for Macs. For the first time, you can use lightning fast FB chat, just like Messages on Mac.


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Hang out anytime, anywhere - Messenger makes it easy and fun to stay close to your favorite people.

What Pro Geeks say about One Chat


I’ve been using One Chat for quite a while now and I’ve been impressed with how each version has gotten better.One Chat supports services I don’t use, but if I have reason to use them, I’m really glad they are there. Having more than I need isn’t a problem, because If I don’t have an account set up, they don’t appear.I strongly recommend this app. It just gets substantially better with each release.


Got sick of running a half dozen browser tabs for messaging apps. This collects everything in one simple interface. And yes technically this is just an aggregator of the various web front ends etc, but its worth it if you are drowning in messengers/chat apps, it keeps everything simple, consistent, and contained and that is absolutely worth the cost of entry for me.

Jake Plisken

A program that combines many messengers and assigns them in a meaningful way. The app works fast easy and reliable. So far I have found no point to criticism. (Which is very good)Of course there are still some wishes. IMessage for example.The price is not exactly a snapper. :-) I certainly do not regret buying this app.I'm looking forward to the new version and what it brings.

I don’t remember when was the last time I used to use a desktop messenger. Long back, I was a huge fan of Yahoo Messenger & Google Talk. These days, it’s mostly my Skype which is fired up all the time, and I use Whatsapp on the smartphone. Facebook Messenger is another messaging app that I use daily, but mostly on the web version or my Smartphone.

Today I will be sharing about GoofyApp, which is an unofficial free Facebook Messenger app for Mac OS. This app is an open source app and is a fully functional desktop version of official Facebook Messenger.

GoofyApp – Facebook Desktop Messenger for Mac OS

Astro For Facebook Messenger Free For Mac Download

This is a light-weight app, which you can download from the official page here. Once the app is installed, you can login using your Facebook ID. You will be surprised to see the features of the app, as it feels like you are using Facebook Messenger on the web.

You can do every activity like:

  • Send pictures
  • Sent Facebook stickers
  • Notification for new Facebook messages
  • Group Chat
  • Delete or Archive existing chat

The only thing that I missed is ability to video Or voice chat using Goofyapp. If this feature will be integrated in coming days, this will be one amazing & must have Facebook app for Mac OS.

If you are a developer & want to know how Daniel built this simple to use Mac Facebook Messenger, you should read his blog post here.

You can configure few settings for this FB messenger such as:

  • Enable or disable chat sound notifications

Astro For Facebook Messenger Free For Mac Computer

For a price tag of free, GoofyApp is the best free desktop FB Messenger for Mac operating system. If you are looking for more features & don’t mind paying $2.99, you should download Current for Facebook, which is a Mac OS app available on official Mac App store.

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Do let me know which other app or add-ons you are using on Mac to improve your Facebook experience? The goal cliff notes goldratt. Don’t forget to share about this useful app with your friends on Facebook.