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Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade


The authors of the BJC curriculum think that computer programming is one of the most satisfying of all human activities—it's generally fun (when it's not frustrating because of a bug you can't find), but it's what Seymour Papert called 'hard fun,' mind-stretching and, because the authority is the computer rather than the teacher, a big change from jumping through hoops. It's a game of skill, like chess, but without the competitive aspect, and with useful results beyond the act of programming itself. That's the best reason to study computer science, and we want all kids, not just the ones who fit the nerd stereotype, to experience our joy in programming.

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Android Devices Blogeffective Curriculum Ideas For Beginners

We also think that computer programs (not just the pictures that programs can produce) can be things of beauty. Yes, programs can also be ugly, if they're long sequences of assignment statements with no structure. But good programmers develop a sense of programming aesthetics. This is one reason why it's so important to us to include recursion in the curriculum: A recursive program can generate a complex, intricate computing process from a very small piece of code, and we remember that revelation as the moment when we discovered the beauty of programs.

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It's not easy to preserve beauty and joy when translating a course taught by its authors into a curriculum for widespread use. Too much scaffolding in a project and the joy is gone; too little scaffolding and the student feels helpless and incompetent. That's why the original authors from the University of California, Berkeley, formed a partnership with the high school curriculum experts at EDC (Education Development Center). Try the curriculum to see how you think we did.


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  1. Available for Apple and Android devices. Quizlet is a platform that allows for the creation and practice of flashcards. After generating a study set, users are able to electronically test themselves through quizzes and games. It is an effective way to learn on-the-go with your mobile device. Available for Apple and Android devices.
  2. Plus, with S Mode for Windows 10, schools can reduce the risk of bloatware and speed up boot times, improve battery life, and enjoy better device performance. One of the most unique devices coming to our portfolio is the Lenovo 300e. Not only is it a convertible 2-in-1, but it also includes a garaged stylus.