7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

7 pinterest marketing tips for the holiday season 5

Tips For The Holiday Season

Stress less and enjoy the holidays more with these 7 Tips For a Stress Free Holiday Season. The holiday season is a time for enjoying time with your family and friends, not for stressing out. But stress always seems to be inevitable when you’re rushing around everywhere, trying to juggle decorating, shopping for gifts, figuring out travel. Tips For Your 2020 Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns. We’ve optimized emails, now let’s look at some holiday campaign strategies and tactics you can implement this holiday season. Plex app mac downloadsunnew. Check out last year’s trends. Why reinvent the wheel? In 2019, there were some noteworthy email marketing holiday trends: Holiday gift guides. Dec 08, 2020 Five SEO tips that capture holiday attention and boost sales. Between the Q4 rush, the abbreviated weeks due to bank holidays, and having to juggle a litany of “real world” holiday prep, the holidays can often leave us feeling like we have more work than there are hours in the day.

If you haven’t planned your social media marketing strategies yet, now is the perfect time to do it. It’s the holiday season, and a lot of people will have the opportunity to check their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube often. To capitalize on that, today, I am going to teach you how to create a precise, client-driven marketing pitch.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Tips to Stand Out

These days, almost everybody’s doing social media marketing. My business does it as well, and it remains an effective technique to find and engage my clients. The holidays, however, bring a different kind of challenge to such strategies.

Firstly, people are paying attention to you more. Whether it’s because they have enough time to browse their feeds, or their using social media more to find friends and family to reconnect, this is your chance. However, the second caveat to the holiday season is that you’re also in very tough competition. You need to make sure that when you market your program on social media, it stands out.

To do that, you need to have a solid social media marketing pitch. Here are five tips to guide you through the process:

1. Define What You Do

I couldn’t think of a nobler career than coaching and teaching others. – Ted McGrath pic.twitter.com/uwWINc3gOr

— Ted McGrath (@ted_mcgrath) October 23, 2017

Are you a coach or a speaker? What is your purpose or message, and how do you translate it to helping others? What are your greatest strengths?

One of the biggest problems with this is people don’t really know who they are and what they do. Some people come up to me and say, “Ted, I am a coach.” Okay, you are a coach, but what kind of coach are you? What is the value of what you do?

I understand this is difficult, so here’s my suggestion: Make a statement. One of my statements I use to promote Message to Millions is this: “I help people find their life story and their message so that they can attract clients and then share that message with millions of people.”

What do you notice from that line? It’s specific, right? You don’t just know my role, you also know what I can offer to you.

2. Find the Problem, Then Create the Solution

Clients come to you because they have a vision. They have dreams they want to fulfill or a need to address. They enroll in your program because they believe you can help them achieve their goals and purpose.

You have to bridge the gap between their vision and what you can do by first identifying the problem and then providing the solution.

However, you can give dozens of tips on how to do things, and they don’t always work. In fact, the clients may not even respond to you. It’s because they don’t feel the connection with you. Luckily, social media marketing can fix this. After all, this type of marketing is all about connection and engagement.

How do you get rid of the bridge? Create your life story. With the power of the life story, you can focus on your Pit, or the darkest part of your journey that leads to your transformation, and use it to help people.

You can highlight this Pit when you’re doing social media marketing and let your clients know it’s possible to make their vision into a reality. You’re a living proof.

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

Most of all, it makes your story and your program unique. No other person has the same experience as you.

3. Build Social Proof

Speaking my truth and sharing my story gave me the ultimate freedom. pic.twitter.com/OysSEvoBI4

— Ted McGrath (@ted_mcgrath) October 16, 2017

I remember when I shared about my recent overseas trips with my friends. We met at lunchtime, and I was trying to describe my experiences. I was so animated I didn’t realize immediately they were looking at me intently, sort of asking, “Are you for real?” Then one of them said, “Ted, your stories are wonderful, but show us the photos, and we’ll believe you.”

With social media, everything is laid out. You know what your friends are doing, where your family members are, the best food places to go to, etc. It’s also a great tool to build your credibility by letting others speak about your brand.

In social media marketing, it’s called social proof. When people see for themselves the success of others, they start to trust you. They now know you’re real and that your program is working.

Getting social proof, however, is not easy if you’re new in the industry or you’ve just created a program. To counter this, a smart strategy is to offer a consultation session as a freebie or an early holiday gift to your potential clients. These usually last for 30 minutes to an hour, and you don’t have to do it every single time. However, you can begin with it so you can gather testimonials or reviews from those who experienced your coaching. You can also follow my low-tier marketing funnel strategy.

4. Focus on the Value

A lot of people struggle to make a social media marketing pitch because they are afraid to say how much their program is really worth. Consequently, to make sure they don’t feel guilty, they charge very low. Don’t do this.

Instead, always stand in your value. If your program is worth $5,000 or even $20,000, so be it. Your dream clients will be willing to pay for it because they understand what you can give them in return.

5. Provide a High-End Offer

In your social media marketing pitch, include a high-end offer. I understand it sounds frightening or intimidating. “Ted, it’s too high. Nobody wants to spend that.”

However, I’ve learned people actually want that. In fact, they want to have the best. By giving your high-end offer, you are already telling them they can get the best from you.

The holidays are fast approaching, which means you should already feel the push to come up with the best social media marketing. These five steps should give you one fast, allowing you the time to execute it and enjoy the results.

How do you make your social media marketing pitch during the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Was Pinterest a part of your holiday marketing plan last year?

Even if you’re brand new to Pinterest, the holiday season is a great time to start.

People use Pinterest to decide what to buy and how to celebrate during the holiday season. Making sure your business is visible could drive more attention and increase end-of-year sales for your business.

Pinterest also fits in perfectly with your holiday email marketing strategy — giving you the chance to create collections of gift ideas and promote them to your email audience.

Here are four reasons you should use Pinterest for your holiday promotions:

1. People use Pinterest to look for gifts.

According to Pinterest, 3 billion holiday gift pins are created each year. And users aren’t shy about shopping there — 82 percent of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

Think of Pinterest as an online catalog or a shopping search engine. Pinterest users routinely search the site to find products they want to buy. And because Pinterest is a visual social network, the images that show up in that search make the purchasing process easier. The Crafty Yankee, a retail store in Lexington, MA, created a gift guide on Pinterest and invited their employees to guest-pin on the board to share their ideas.

Tip: Take advantage of the shopping mindset on Pinterest. Create a board that has gift idea pins of your products arranged by theme to help for those hard-to-buy-for people on shoppers’ lists. Tell people about your Pinterest activity by linking to your account, boards, and pins from all of your other online marketing (including your email newsletters and promotions!).

2. People are probably pinning from your website already.

Your business doesn’t need to have an official Pinterest account for its content to be pinned on Pinterest. Anyone can pin an image from your webpage on Pinterest.

Don’t believe me? You can see what images have been pinned from your site by going to www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsitename.

Find out what people have been pinning from your website lately. This will show you what’s popular among your customers on Pinterest. Learn from what’s getting the most attention and start creating and promoting content around those products or topics.

Tip: To create a Pinterest account for your business, get started by going to business.pinterest.com. Then, take your Pinterest game up a notch by connecting your website to your Pinterest page to have access to Pinterest analytics. These reports will give you more information on what your most popular pins are, what your audience is looking for, and how your account has grown over time.

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Seasons

3. Rich pins will do some of the work for you.

Pinterest has four types of rich pins, which take information from your website or other resources and add it to your pin. There are; app, product, recipe, and article pins. The product pins are the most important type of rich pin for holiday promotions because they provide real-time pricing, product availability, your business name, and your website URL.

Add Pinterest’s rich pin code to your site, and it will automatically pull it in when anyone pins those products to Pinterest. Even better: When you reduce the price of your items, Pinterest’s rich pin code will recognize it, and Pinterest will send the pinners an email telling them that your item is on sale. Those pinners are only a few clicks away from making a purchase from you.

Tip: Pin eye-catching product photos, and use descriptive keywords that will help get your pins found. Do a search for similar items on Pinterest to get ideas for what keywords will work, and explore Pinterest’s interests tool to see what the most popular pins are for specific topics.

4. Boost your holiday business with promoted and buyable pins

You can raise even more awareness of your products by using Pinterest’s recently released advertising features: promoted pins and buyable pins.


Promoted pins are regular pins that are a form of advertising. You pay to have them seen by more people in their Pinterest feed. You can choose how much you want to spend, and the goal that you want to reach: boost engagement (repins or clicks) or getting traffic back to your website.

Buyable pins make it easy for pinners using mobile or tablets to purchase products without leaving the Pinterest app. Buyable pins add a big blue “Buy it” button at the top of the pin. After a pinner clicks the button, they can make their purchase in the Pinterest app with a credit card or Apple Pay.

Tip: Test your pins out organically before putting money behind them, and monitor your Pinterest analytics to find out what’s doing well. Promote or set up buyable pins for your most popular content.

Need more tips making the most out of your holiday marketing?

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If you haven’t yet, set up your Pinterest Business account today and create your first board of holiday gift ideas.

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If you’re already on Pinterest and want to introduce something new, give one of these ideas a try today.

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season 4

Doing the work now will save you time when the busy holiday season finally arrives.

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