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3D Juump Infinite platform connects all the data belonging to an industrial product with stakeholders by virtue of 3D as universal language. 7/10 - Download Jump Dunk 3D Android Free. Enjoy basketball in a fun and relaxed way in Jump Dunk 3D, a casual game where we will have to score baskets while we just keep jumping and jumping. The inexhaustible Voodoo studio is back with another of its very simple but tremendously addictive games.

Following is a list of notable 3D modeling software, computer programs used for developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of objects, also called 3D modeling.

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TitleLicense3D rendering support
3D-CoatCommercial softwareYes
3D SlashFreemiumYes
3DVIA ShapeCommercial softwareNo
AC3DCommercial softwareNo
Adobe DimensionCommercial softwareYes
Alibre DesignCommercial softwareYes
AmapiCommercial softwareYes
Animation:MasterCommercial softwareYes
ArchiCADCommercial softwareYes
Art of IllusionGNU General Public License +Yes
AutoCADCommercial softwareYes
AutoQ3D CommunityGNU GPLv2 +Yes
AutoQ3DCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk 3ds MaxCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk InventorCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk MayaCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk MudboxCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk RevitCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk SoftimageCommercial softwareYes
Autodesk Fusion 360Commercial softwareYes
BlenderGNU GPLv2+Yes
BricsCADCommercial softwareYes
BryceCommercial softwareYes
CATIACommercial softwareYes
CarraraCommercial softwareYes
Cheetah3DCommercial softwareYes
Cinema 4DCommercial softwareYes
CityEngineCommercial softwareNo
Daz StudioFreewareYes
DesignSpark MechanicalFreemiumNo
Electric Image Animation SystemCommercial softwareYes
Exa CorporationCommercial softwareYes
Form-ZCommercial softwareYes
Geomodeller3DCommercial softwareYes
HexagonCommercial softwareNo
HoudiniCommercial softwareYes
IRONCADCommercial softwareYes
KeyCreatorCommercial softwareYes
LightWave 3DCommercial softwareYes
Makers Empire 3DFreemiumYes
MASSIVECommercial softwareYes
MetasequoiaCommercial softwareYes
MicroStationCommercial softwareYes
Milkshape 3DCommercial softwareNo
ModoCommercial softwareYes
NXCommercial softwareNo
OnshapeCommercial softwareYes
Oculus MediumCommercial softwareYes
PoserCommercial softwareYes
PowerAnimatorCommercial softwareYes
PromineCommercial softwareYes
Pro/ENGINEERCommercial softwareYes
Quake Army KnifeGNU GPLYes
Realsoft 3DCommercial softwareYes
Remo 3DCommercial softwareYes
RFEMCommercial softwareYes
Rhinoceros 3DCommercial softwareYes
ScanIPCommercial softwareYes
Shade 3DCommercial softwareYes
SharkCADCommercial softwareYes
SiloCommercial softwareNo
Solid EdgeCommercial softwareYes
solidThinkingCommercial softwareYes
SolidWorksCommercial softwareYes
SpaceClaimCommercial softwareYes
Strata 3DCommercial softwareYes
Sweet Home 3DFreewareYes
Swift 3DCommercial softwareNo
Tekla StructuresCommercial softwareNo
Wings 3DBSDYes
Wolfram MathematicaCommercial softwareYes
ViaCADCommercial softwareYes
ZBrushCommercial softwareYes
ZmodelerCommercial softwareYes
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Try to get to the ball which is dropped in the top of a pipe which has obstacles around, to the lowermost point. The game consist of many chapters from easy to hard. Jump Dunk 3D is a game about bouncing on trampolines and sinking baskets. The bouncing is controlled by the AI, leaving you to focus on taking the shots. Sometimes, though, that’s much easier. The 3D System was a commercial failure and, as a result, was never released outside Japan. Criticisms included the clunkiness of the glasses and the limited selection of compatible titles. Eight years later, in 1995, Nintendo again ventured into stereoscopic gaming with the commercially unsuccessful Virtual Boy.


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