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Now that the 2019 Major League Baseball regular season is over, many of us are looking at stats. Lots of stats. Whether we are league members, (potential) replayers or just curious APBA baseball fans, we’re interested in how the numbers stack up.

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2019 Stats The Initials Game On Xbox


I know you all have your favorite avenues to stat-ville butI thought I’d share a few links to where you can find info from the 2019season. A lot of them are from BaseballReference and keep in mind that their tables are sortable. Just click on the field you want to sort by. If you want to really get down and dirty,click on “Share and More” then “Get table as CSV. You can then import that file intoExcel.

First, here are the individualBatting stats for 2019 and the individualPitching stats for 2019.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll just let you know about Steve’s APBA Card Computer. It’s not exactly a stat site though Steve does import his stats from Retrosheet. Plus, you get the added bonus of seeing what the 2019 should look like.

League-friendly stats


I don’t know about your league but the Illowa APBA Leagueneeds to know how many games each player appeared at each position. It is so helpful to know especially for thoseutility infielders.

I know B-R lists games by position on each player’sindividual page (likeDanny Descalso’s for example) but they also list fieldingappearances for all players here. Again,this is sortable.

For those in leagues with rookie drafts, here is the 2019 debuts page from Baseball Reference. I know that each league is different in how their rules approach rookie eligibility. Also, many of these players may not receive an APBA card regardless. With the sort feature, it’s still a handy tool to determine who are the hot prospects coming down the pipeline.

Stats handy for replays

For those who may be doing a replay once the cards come out,you may consider reproducing actual transactions including trades, signings andcall-ups. If you are, taking a look atthe 2019Transactions page is a must.

Note that if you are only concerned about in-seasontransactions, much of this page can be ignored since many of the transactionstake place during the off-season.

Potential replayers may also want a 2019 schedule to play. Even within those who play actual schedules, there are two schools of thought on this topic. Some who use the original schedule which was planned before season. For that, you can go to Retrosheet’s schedule page and download the 2019 schedule in .csv format. Again, this can be easily imported into Excel.

By the way, Retrosheet is the data source which Baseball Reference gathers its data.

If replayers want to play actual games played (as I do), you can view the Baseball Reference MLB schedule. For even more detail, you can view the “Schedule and Results” page for each team (like the 2019 Yankees, for example). From there, you can view the score, winning and losing pitcher, and a link to the box score for the entire season. That method is especially handy for those doing one-team replays.

2019 Statsthe Initials Game

Finally, one of my favorite features of Baseball Reference is the Most Common Batting Orders. I wrote about it here. If you’re wondering how the team used the current starters for say, the 2019 Houston Astros you can see the most used lineups by AJ Hinch.

From the team page, hover over the “Other” tab and click on “Batting Orders”.

2019 Stats The Initials Game On Twitch

2019 Statsthe Initials Game

I know there are so many more stat resources out there. What do all of you use in anticipation of the upcoming season set?